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List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!

Message 1 of 11
Message 1 of 11

List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!



I am listed missing features of problems in Xperia XZ Premium in android 8 Oreo 


1 - double tap to wake up!! is very useful feature!

2 - selfie screen flash! XZ1 have this feature

3 - limited manual shutter speed (only 1 secend!!)

4 - HDR doesn't work correctly and limited dynamic range in pictures!

5 - Video & sideview codec have problem with showing mkv,...!!! 

6 - in youtube 4K HDR not available in last update!!

7 -changing native resolution in setting for more quality (4K - 2K) or better battery (FHD - HD) !!!

8 - video image enhancement doesn't changing 4K videos in sharping!! (many smartphones show 4K better XZ Premium!!!!) 

9 - don't find setting alarm in good night mode of Xperia Actions! 

10 - camera 2 api have many limits and only 8 mega pixel in third-party camera apps!!

11 - swift key is average keyboard and Xperia Keyboard is very better!

12 - setting doesn't change on-screen shutter button to disable burst mode!!

13 - changing resolution in game mode of Xperia Actions!

14 - Color of Notification bar Doesn't change to white in android 8!!

15 - navigation button background is black in setting and... in android 8!!!

16 - AR Pictures, 3D Sticker is only in 2mp!

17 - 120fps is only for HD 720p!! 

18 - doesn't have 240fps slowmotion record! 

19 - Style Portrait App doesn't support in android 8!

20 - plus button for adding add-on apps in camera is gone!!

21 - no way to see Battery Care is Active or no!!

22 - Small Apps!



Please fixing this problem to making better Experience in using Xperia Phones!


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Message 2 of 11

Re: List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!

re: 6 - it's a change in Youtube's end. they removed resolution higher than 1080p in HDR videos, and the change applies to all HDR-capable phones (Pixel 2, S8 etc.)

7 - if I remember correctly, some people have made some tests with regards to battery life in different resolutions on Samsung phones where the switch is available, and battery gained by reducing resolution was negligible.

11 - you can always get another keyboard from the Play Store, or find an old Xperia Keyboard apk on APKMirror and sideload it. but just for your information, Xperia Keyboard uses Swiftkey's engine, so they're basically the same Winking Face

20 - that's true, but you can still install some of the addon apps from Play Store and they'll appear there in that section of the camera app. you can try that with Background Defocus app, for example.

21 - whenever Battery Care kicks in, it will show a notification in your notification panel. if a Battery Care notification doesn't appear when you plug your charger in, it means it's not active.

22 - Small Apps have been deprecated after Android Marshmallow with the introduction of split screen view in Android Nougat.

Message 3 of 11
Message 3 of 11

Why cant Sony Equalize the XZP with its siblings ?

Sony said that the XZ Premium won't get the New Dialer because of a decision to have it for devices with Oreo out of the box. I would understand If the XZs, XZ etc didn't get the new Dialer, but I can't under why the XZ Premium doesn't. Even though it's not running 8.0 out of the box, it should be equal with the XZ1. It's still adverstied on social media as their flagship but they didn't treat it equally. Also Display flash? Is it because of the XZP having a 4K display and would consume too much energy for low light selfies?  Otherwise I don't see the point of excluding the XZP. And yes we can download camera apps with that feature but then the quality is limited... 

Finally even though Sony isn't obligated to give the XZP treble support,wouldn't it be unfair in the long run?  Imagine the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact getting one extra update and the XZP being left behind, even though they have the same hardware.. 

Sony even advertises the XZP next to the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact. And they said that their top flagship is the XZP for 2017 followed by the XZ1 as a medium sized Flagship and then the Compact. They should share the same features. Like the Z5 series. I'd Sony wants to evolve and progress, they should at least listen to customer feedback. The fact that the XZP got released in June is quite tricky for the longevity of Software support. Will the XZP get 3 major updates or 2?  Even though there is the 2 year support, the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact will get android 10 while the XZP with same hardware capabilities will end up with Android 9? 

Sorry for ranting but the XZP deserves better treatment. 

Message 4 of 11
Message 4 of 11

Re: Why cant Sony Equalize the XZP with its siblings ?

I totally agree 👍 

Message 5 of 11
Message 5 of 11

Re: Why cant Sony Equalize the XZP with its siblings ?

I totally agree, treble should be there. 

Message 6 of 11
Message 6 of 11

Re: List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!

1. Small apps
2. FM Radio
3. Many good looking and useful widgets (including Album widget !!! , previous Weather widget, camera widget etc.)
4. Lock screen widgets
5. Most of dedicated apps for the camera (Burst, Info etc.) and even "+" button in camera app yahoo  (even if you will download a Sony camera dedicated app from Google Play like Horror and install it it will not be visible in the systm or camera app, they need to prevent you from using it as they know better what you want to use, not you!)
6. Useful battery graph (now you do not know for how long your device is actually running, most important is some blind prediction for how long it still will be running - of course made of crystal ball) - small update, it is a bit beter in Oreo, still would like to see more advanced graphs, more detailed reports. 
7. Xperia keyboard, now you have pathetic swift without the option to use old one out of the box (this should be preinstalled and user to have an option to select). 
8. Messages, the good messaging app was taken away, now we have stupid google one, where even so simple information like telephone number is not easily visible for each message thread as it was, you need to dig into options as this important information is of course hidden now. New feature is that now both app icon and app itself is ugly like **bleep**. 
9. Contacts - see point above
10. Calendar - see point above
11. Double tap to wake - yes, it has been taken away as well blush
12. Screen recording
13. My Xperia service (to locate your device), well you can download any crapware from Google play right? It is worse... 

14. MHL

15. DualShock 3 support

16. Stock Android live wallpapers 

17. Track ID


What's next Sony? 

Definitely Xperia lost most software part the fans liked about the phones. Sadly the trend continue so the people go away slowly too. Less and less features differentiate this phone from chinese nonames...


Everything tend to be replaced by google uninspired bloat without soul or removed forever Slightly frowning Face


Message 7 of 11
Message 7 of 11

Re: List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!

Didn't realise there was so much wrong - this is the worst day of my life.

Message 8 of 11
Message 8 of 11

Re: List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!

@azzidoI replied to most of your points in the past, but I have to ask - how can you call tapping user's avatar in the list of conversations or in the chat view to pull up a card with their information (including their phone number!) "hidden"? it's right there, always one tap away.

Message 9 of 11
Message 9 of 11

Re: List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!

Ona tap away exactly means it's hidden UNTIL you will unhide it... 

Message 10 of 11
Message 10 of 11

Re: List of missing features or problems in XZ Premium!

By the way, I am glad to hear I am not the only one who is missing all the features / functions taken away by Sony and more people criticize Sony's biased policy to degrade user experience in time.


I think it's time to change the person at Sony who made the decision to do this. Huge mistake. Users does not need such people at Sony mobile. Some may complain about bezels but software decisions is where Sony suffers most. UI is too stock and its look feels outdated now. Same since so many years.


Sadly hardware decisions tend to look worse in time as well. Not to mention 2700mAh battery in regular XZ1. Technical flop that became direct, precise and double shot in foot, head and knee from shotgun (looking from marketing perspective).

Successfully avoided...