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Latest findings on 47.2.A.4.41 security patch rolling out

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Latest findings on 47.2.A.4.41 security patch rolling out

Security Patch updated to Dec 1, 2018.


No new features seen immediately - need to check if the following are fixed:


1. Battery run down faster than usual (about 25-30% faster) is fixed or not

2. Smart Backlight app error should be fixed - shall check


and update in a week



Interim update after 16 hours:

From 100% battery to 77%. Usage is same, must mention 7 hours sleep in between. Still, looks like an improvement.

Played games, browsed chrome, Whatsapp, other apps for about 4-5 hours - Smart Backlight error so far has not come again.

Needs more data points over the next few days. Shall update.

Lets have a little faith/trust here on Sony. Slightly smiling Face


Battery consumption pattern after 24 hrs usage:


Screenshot (22-Dec-2018 18_24_24).png


As can be seen, higher battery consumption is controlled. One issue, at least, seems to be resolved.


So far still no occurrence of Smartlight app error. Will update again early next week.


(The tint is from Twilight app - since there is no "Night Light" feature on this model yet. The retro Nougat home buttons from Theme AtW Belgrade). 


Update as of 03 Jan 2019:


1. Smart Backlight app error is back - though reduced in frequency. I will try to check out the conditions when & where it occurs and see if a pattern emerges. Will post results if I get any.

2. Battery is holding up pretty good - 2 working days' worth - 100% @8:00 to 21% @ 23:30 on the next day. So I've been doing alternate night charging for last week or so. 


Waiting for Android to release Digital Wellbeing for all Pie mobiles - hope eventually to get it on Xperia.

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Message 2 of 3

Re: Latest findings on 47.2.A.4.41 security patch rolling out

Are you having problems with the charging? mine is chargins is if there was no fast charger use. Is taking up to 5 hours to charge, and also the battery draining way faster. After 7 hours of sleep I used to drop 3-5% and now droping almost 25-30%!


also they havent fixed the headphone jack reader. It only reads headphones with a mic, if they are standard headphones it takes minutes to read them..

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Latest findings on 47.2.A.4.41 security patch rolling out

1. Please check the Output value of the charger. Should be 2.1A or above for fast charging. Sony chargers have upto 3A charging capacity.

2. Please check battery consumption usage by app - it is there under settings - battery - usage.

Most likely some app(s) running in the background. Isolate and restrict that app usage...(optimize battery usage for that app).


Please let us know if the above addressed the issue.