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Black out on dialing

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Black out on dialing

Black out on dialing

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Black out on dialing

Hi @Lucyou, welcome to the community. I am sorry to hear about this.


When you have a conversation and hold your Xperia™ device to your ear, the screen goes black and stays black as long as you hold the device close to your ear. ​This also occurs when using handsfree or speaker mode. If you experience that the screen does not wake up again after you move the device away from your ear, for example, when you end the conversation, you should do the following:
  • Make sure you have removed the temporary transparent protection film that covers the screen when you first buy your Xperia™ device. You recognise this temporary protection film by its protruding tab. If you don’t remove the temporary film, the touchscreen might not respond correctly. You can replace the temporary protection film with a screen protection film that is specifically intended for your Xperia™ model.
  • If your device has a screen protection film, make sure it's specifically intended for your Xperia™ model. It is important that such a protective film has the holes for the proximity sensor and the front camera in the correct positions. The sensor is placed at the top of the device above the screen. To verify the exact location of the proximity sensor for your Xperia™ model, refer to the User guide. You can view an illustration of the device and the main hardware parts in the Getting started chapter under Overview.
  • Make sure you have attached the screen protection film correctly, so that the film doesn't cover the proximity sensor.
  • Use the Tests feature in the Support app to carry out a quick test to verify that the ear proximity sensor is working properly.
  • Make sure the proximity sensor is clean, many problems with the proximity sensor may be solved by cleaning it.
  • If you use a case or cover which is not well suited to the phone, it may impact the functionality of the proximity sensor. The case may cover the sensor.
  • If the screen still doesn't wake up, lightly press the power key. If the screen doesn't wake up, press the power key or volume button.
  • If the screen still doesn't wake up, try to wake up your device by Tap to wake up feature.
  • If the screen still doesn't wake up after you've checked the screen protection film and pressed the power key, restart the device.
  • If the problem occurs the next time you make or receive a call, make sure your device has the latest available system software. If it has not, update your device.
  • If the problem still persists, try to perform a factory data reset. Note that all content on the internal memory of your device gets deleted when you perform a factory data reset. Back up any important data saved on the internal memory of your device. Content on an external memory card (SD card) is not deleted. Note! Make sure you know your Google™ account credentials. Depending on your security settings, your device may lock after a reset. You then need to enter your Google™ account username and password in order to unlock the device.
  • Contact the original vendor or contact us. If you need to hand in your device for service, back up all your data you want to keep. Data on the device is deleted when examined. Also, remove all Google accounts you have on your device, before handing it in. Don't forget to supply proper documentation, for example, proof of purchase and warranty card. The documentation required may vary depending on market, country or region

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