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4G Failure

Message 21 of 25
Message 21 of 25

Re: 4G Failure

Totally agree, why not introduce the same system as Microsoft, attach your phone to a beta release ring with slow and fast release timing. I my opinion the Oreo is a "slow beta" version, not ready for public release yet.  


Btw, my colleagues S8 haven't got the update yet, he said the Samsung have stopped it, is that true? 

Message 22 of 25
Message 22 of 25

Re: 4G Failure


I was not pointing at you with the blow smoke on the case reference. My reference was to another post (single poster) stating the case that this problem was recognized by Sony, and you replied in the line of that this was a confirmation of problem.


In general, there will always be issues and bugs with any software made and Android is no exception.

To claim that a software should be tested and found 100% flawless before release, makes it obsolete the time it eventually is ready. 

Also with Android there are numerous variants and particularly 3rd party apps and hacks that can be applied by anyone, and it is virtually impossible for Sony or others to troubleshoot all possible mixes and user-operations. Then add a variaty of carriers and network providers with different services and stability, and here we are. :-)  

-Apple has another approach on this matter, but I'm not sure everybody here would like that much better......


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Message 23 of 25

Re: 4G Failure

"To claim that a software should be tested and found 100% flawless before release, makes it obsolete the time it eventually is ready."


What makes it "obsolete" is this constant need to have new software every time we get out of bed! Who or what makes one version of Android obsolete when there is only one Android? The only competition is IOS....


Even Microgod may take a few years between new versions of their OS's and just squash bugs in the meantime. Cannot Android do the same thing? Let's give Oreo at least two years to be adopted and patched before we move on to Pxxxxx!

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Message 24 of 25

Re: 4G Failure

But I want Android Peanut brittle nowww

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Message 25 of 25
Message 25 of 25

Re: 4G Failure

Ahhh peanut brittle just hurts your teeth. Like Niles Crane said on an episode of Frasier "Oh, it's like little shards of heaven".


Peanut butter cup!


Please Google...just fix Oreo FIRST!