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Wifi signal dropping when paired with sony Bluetooth earbuds

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Message 1 of 4

Wifi signal dropping when paired with sony Bluetooth earbuds


I have just recently upgraded from a Sony Xperia M2 to a Xperia Xa2.

I uses to use the Sony wic300w earbuds and they worked great with the M2.

But with the Xa2 every time i tried to watch vídeos while im conected to wifi and the earbuds are paired, the vídeo stops buffering. It just looks like the Internet signal just drops. 

Also compairing to the M2, the Xa2 wifi range it is weaker and keeps dropping the network connected.

I dont know If this is the right place to report this. I just dont know if these issues are fixable with a future update or if it is a hardware problem and it would be  necessary to sendo it to repair.


Here is some info about the device... 



Android version:


Android security patch level:

5  November 2017

Compilation number:




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Re: Wifi signal dropping when paired with sony Bluetooth earbuds

Hi there!


Your phone is about 1 year out of date in terms of updates. The latest udate is 50.1.A.13.83 with September 1st 2018 security patch. Try updating your phone to see if this issues has been fixed? I personally dont notice any of these issues on my XA2



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Re: Wifi signal dropping when paired with sony Bluetooth earbuds

Thanks, i tried that option unfortunately with no success, since it says on the phone already has the last version installed. I also tried connecting to Xperia Companion and it says the same. 

I'm from Portugal, maybe that's the problem. Is there any workaround so i can install that  50.1.A.13.83 security patch?


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Message 4 of 4

Re: Wifi signal dropping when paired with sony Bluetooth earbuds

That is very bizarre!


I had a look and the only Portugese variant which is updated is those from the vodafone network. There is Central Europe 1 and Central Europe 5 - presumably you fall into one of these? However, they run an updated version compared to what you are running!


Did you buy it in Portugal? Which model version do you have? e.g. is it H3113?


One option is to wait - although that hasnt gone very well!

Another option is to flash a new software version onto the device - I can help you find a software version, however I cannot help with how to flash the device. As well, there is a risk with flashing that the device can 'brick' it.