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Random internet drops while still being connected to 4G/WiFi

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Random internet drops while still being connected to 4G/WiFi


I recently (one month ago when I type this post) bought a Sony Xperia XA2. I previously had a XZ. I have noticed that sometimes, randomly, I lose all internet connection while still being connected to any network I was connected to, and the network keeps providing internet access. It comes back by itself after a few seconds/minutes, usually happens a few times in a row.

A couple example to be very clear :

- I can be out in the streets or at home without WiFi, connected to a full steady 4bars 4G, using internet, playing a game, looking up websites, having a conversation via any app that uses internet, and suddenly, nothing works, message aren't sent, web pages don't load, I get the no network available message on my browser BUT I am still connected to that full 4G and people around me don't have that issue.

- same at home with my WiFi network. I can be using it via phone and it stops the very same way, and I'm sure the WiFi isn't the issue since my computer has steady internet continually.

So it's really just my phone sometimes losing the ability to use internet while still being connected to it. 


À few things to know :

- I never had that issue with my old XZ with the very same networks

- my 4G and my WiFi aren't from the same internet provider (so that's not the issue)

- I did perform the basic clean cache, clean data, reset network settings actions already

- I tried running my phone into safe mode to see if any of my apps (which I used on the XZ) were the issue, but my problem also happens into safe mode

- I did re-download and also manually re added the APN (but I doubt the issue is from there anyways, because it also happens with wifi)

- I did a system repair and reset via the Xperia Companion app as well, doesn't seem to solve these random cuts of internet.


It is going to be extremely annoying for me very soon as I will need to use my phone as a hot-spot often, and if I can't have uninterrupted internet it is going to be a problem. Not to mention that this issue is a real nuisance in every day's life as well, having to wait 3 minutes to load a Google web page while connected on an optical fiber powered WiFi just because the phone has decided "no more internet but hey I'm still on WiFi and if you swap to 4G I'll still won't work" is extremely irritating. 

I'm a bit out of ideas, I've searched the web and haven't found similar issues with neither solutions nor explanations, any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Random internet drops while still being connected to 4G/WiFi

I think I'm experiencing a similar issue to you. Although the WiFi seems to be fine.