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Remote Play Compatibility - XA 2 Ultra

One time poster
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Re: Remote Play Compatibility - XA 2 Ultra

I am extremely upset to discover remote play is not supported on the xa2. My old iPhone 6 supported remote play but the xa2 doesn't? Part of the reason why I chose to upgrade to a Sony phone is because I was under the impression that xperia supported this feature. I don't want to be told that I should have seen that remote play was not in the specs for this product. That is disingenuous and insulting. I think it is a reasonable expectation that since older models and models with less power are able to run this application, I could assume that a relatively new Sony product would be able to handle it. It is clear that this was not a decision based on the technical limitations of this device. Without being able to integrate my phone and ps4, Sony has nothing to offer me that I couldn't get from Samsung or another competitor at a better price. Unless ps4 remote play support is added in a future update, I will never recommend or purchase another Sony phone. 

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Re: Remote Play Compatibility - XA 2 Ultra

Actually the remote play on iOS has only just been released and has a minimum requirement of iPhone 7. The ones that worked on iPhone 6 were cracked versions of an older infrastructure made to work on iOS.

It may be worth googling the remote play apk and seeing if you can install it that way.

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One time poster
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Re: Remote Play Compatibility - XA 2 Ultra

How are you going to make apple remote play capable and and actual Sony device that is fully capable not compatible. 

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 44 of 44

Re: Remote Play Compatibility - XA 2 Ultra

Hi @Wasteladrelaxer, sorry to hear that you feel this way.

As I have wrote in some other replies, I'm not sure why this is not supported in certain devices and if this has to do with hardware, software or something else and I don't have any such information available to me.

To your question if this will be added in a coming update, it will not.

I understand the frustration and I'll make sure to forward your feedback regarding this, but there is nothing else that I can do as the device does not support this feature and will not receive an update to support it.

@viridis, thank you for this information.

@Grim666, I don't know the exact reason for this, so I'm not able to provide you any information as to why this is the case, sorry for that.

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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