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Ghost / Phantom Touch Issues and Zero Support. This Phone is Junk!

One time poster
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Ghost / Phantom Touch Issues and Zero Support. This Phone is Junk!

From day one the screen has had this issue. I Went to buy a Moto, Best Buy talked me into buying this Sony Xperia and what a nightmare it has been with ghost touch issues on the screen make the phone unusable And Sony support keep sending me the same link for resetting the phone - almost a dozen times now. And contacting customer support via the phone in the settings support, calling, emailing, Facebook and going into Best Buy - every time it’s like I start over and eventually I guess they’ll figure I’ll quit bothering them and take the $400 loss. This phone and this customer service support is not what I expected from Sony.


I can’t type with the phone because the touchscreen just has ghost/ phantom touches all over the place -and its getting worse.  Now I cant even make phone calls as the touchscreen mutes the call, hangs up, opens other apps or tries to call other people. Best Buy bounced me back and forth between what they said is Corporate (888 BEST BUY) and Sony. Long enough their 14 day return window expired.  


Sony has been no help whatsoever and has sent me the touchscreen issues troubleshooting link a half dozen times now. Sonys own forums document this as a widespread, known issue with this phone - or try XDA developers or any other forum.  They know its an issue (Ive had since day one) and nobody will take the ball on this.   Apparently if I am really lucky Sony will allow me to send my phone in so they can “repair at quote so I will be without a phone for several weeks and I cannot reiterate enough since day one this is been an issue. Now I take responsibility for not being smart Knouff to of just return this piece of crap immediately and demand my money back - but promises of resolution delayed me just enough that now here I am. 


I would like to return this phone for a different one if that is not possible either by Best Buy or Sony I intend to file small claims action for the cost of the phone, my time and court costs. Thank you.


Stephen Reay

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Ghost / Phantom Touch Issues and Zero Support. This Phone is Junk!

Same issue here. Sent it to repair, got it back in 3 days! Guess what the work-order in the box said? "Repaired focus on front camera".. Huh? 

This is my daughters phone, she put her snapchat and instragram back on. This morning I get a message from her 'Dad, the phone is worse than it has ever been'.  

Sony's solution was for me to do all the same things I did 10 days ago.  I'm extreamly annoyed.