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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Oreo update issues - touch screen

Message 351 of 383
Message 351 of 383


Hi just signed up to forum,as i have just bought a xperia xa1 (black) from fleabay.I'm having problem with touchscreen couldnt type the letter p and pull down screen hit and miss,although i have solved the problem with keyboard,well in away by using Gboard and set it to centre on screen,fonts are smaller but i can type using all keys.Has anyone  unlocked bootloader and flashed a custom rom to attempt to fix this problem?.As  Sony dont seem to be too bothered about rectifying this issue.  

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Message 352 of 383

Xperia XA1 screen not working



Having trouble using the screen on my phone, its not always regestaring that my finger is on the screen so it is hard to unlock the phone and around the edges and top and bottom of the screen is unusable. Is this a hardwear or softwear problem? Its been happening for a few weeks now and only gotten worse so whenever i want to change app i have to restart my phone and hope it will allow me to unlock it

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Message 353 of 383

Re: Xperia XA1 screen not working

Hi @MillieCauseIcan1 ;


Please follow this Support instructions:, if nothing help maybe it is an hardware problem and you should contact your local Sony Support Team.

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Message 354 of 383

Re: Xperia XA1 screen not working

Hi, thanks for the advice but it is saying that my device is locked even though I have it unlocked so it will not let me do a softwear repair

One time poster
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Message 355 of 383

Touch screen unresponsive on the edges

Screenshot_20190724-084144.pngSony screen troubleshoot test


My problem is that when typing, the sidemost letters do not get pressed. 

When I flip the screen, the problem vanishes. 

So I did the screen troubleshoot nd found out that the side edges of the screen do not get recognised at all. 

The problem is systematic. 

Please help, I want to type vertically as well!? 

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Message 356 of 383

Re: Touch screen unresponsive on the edges

Hi,mine is unresponsive partly down the right of screen.I got round this by downloading Gboard which is alternative keyboard that allows you to adjust the position of the board in from the edges of screen its not ideal but better than using Swiftkey.( Someone else posted this fix to get by so all kudos must go to this person).

One time poster
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Message 357 of 383

Screen Unresponsive

I have Sony Xperia Xa1, the screen got replaced 5 months after purchase because it was Unresponsive on the upper right hand of the screen. And now after less than a year I had it replaced again because of the same problem. Any idea why is this so. And how to fix it.


One time poster
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Message 358 of 383

Re: Screen Unresponsive

Ok, so I'm going to visit the conspiracy theory. 

I've been having the same problems: unresponsive edges of the screen, and recently I ve had new updates and now the central (home) and back keys are also problematic...

So.. I think Sony wants us to buy new phones by sending us faulty updates which make us think the problem is in the hardware. Well this will backfire on you because now I'm considering all other brands but not Sony.

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Message 359 of 383

Sony XA1 Touch Issue

Hey there..


I own the XA1 model and since the last update I have nothing but issues with the far left and far right side of my screen being unable to register touch.
I got this phone for work as it was within my budget and it had a great camera for taking pictures at high resolution for bar codes in tight spaces. I know it's a bit weird, but I needed a high resolution and this fit the bill with my budget.
I got it on contract for the unlimited texts and the data as I use my company portal to communicate with my colleagues while on the go and to keep up with changes whatever they may be.
It's not mandatory, but highly recommended.


Anyway.. Text is the issue. For SMS Messeges, Messenger, Whatsapp and the company portal. Everything else is fine.
Q, A, Shift and the 123 tab for icons on the left side wont recognise touch.
P, Delete and Return do not work on the right side either.
And space bar sometimes plays up.
The touch diagnostics page works everywhere which is unusual as the text keyboard portion of the screen does not. If I turn the phone on it's side the space bar does not work anywhere up the far left side.
I have tried multiple keyboards including googles version and they all do the same thing.
I thought it was just a swiftkey issue, but no. Even tried new themes, Still no joy.


My network supplier wont help me and my local Car Phone Warehouse said to just message Sony via Twitter ?!?!
Only went to Car Phone Warehouse as the phone is with ID.

Also.. If I turn on pointer location in developer options and drag my finger to the far sides of the screen the line drawn by my touch is not straight, I'ts very jaggy. Goes up and down as I draw the line in a zig zag formation.
In some areas I can get the line to go right to the edge of the screen.. Within less than 1mm from the bezel.
Other areas are at least 3 to 5mm from the bezel and impossible to get closer.

If I draw just a straight line from anywhere on the screen to the left or right and go off the screen the line drawn will got all the way to the edge of the bezel. Not useful for typing, but worth noting.

I'm totally at a loss here and cannot figure this out. I've tried making the font smaller and tried to squeeze my keyboard inwards away from the edges, but cannot find a way to do that without making the keys far too small for my fingers.
Others have said it's because I have too much callus on my fingers, but I never have issues with any of my other touch devices now or in the past.
Even my really cheap old Smart Phone does a tremendous job at touch sensitivity.
My old Samsung with a piece of the screen missing on the bottom left still recognises my touch, even with no screen. Not much, but more than a cm or so gone.


Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on here or if there is a fix in the works.
Like I said.. This worked perfect before the last update. Been waiting patiently since and nothing.

Message 360 of 383
Message 360 of 383

Some parts of the screen doesn't work

No me funciona unas partes de la pantalla 


Some parts of the screen don't work for me