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Anyone having issues with the side of the screen not working

One time poster
Message 201 of 458
Message 201 of 458

a big technical defect in the touch panel

Many users, including me, encounter a slab problem where some areas do not work well after a few weeks of use.


One time poster
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Message 202 of 458

Re: Xperia XA1 touch issue design flaw?? any plan to recall and refund??

I have the same problem. I bought XA1 from Turkey at 27 August 2017. I didn't realize this touch issue. Some devices have problems of right corner and some of them left corner. I am going to send the device to service tomorrow. Let's see how they are react. I hope this problem will be fixed for everyone.

Message 203 of 458
Message 203 of 458

Now waiting for my 2nd replacement phone

I'm now waiting for my 2nd replacement phone due to the same fault developing after about 1 month, touchscreen very unresponsive down left hand side, p, l and delete key in particular. So many people having the same issue and Sony just not taking responsibility, totally unexceptable.


Sony Xperia XA1

One time poster
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Message 204 of 458

Touch screen problem

Dear Sir,


3months back i buy sony xperia xa1 from chroma store after one month the right corner touch screen is not responding.i visit to the service centre j.p. electronics in vaishali(ghaziabad) after more than a month they change the again the right corner of touch is not responding.we test the phone using *#*#7378423#*#* in the test i am unable to draw on right corner.kindly give a permanent solution.previously ia am using z5 that possible to exchange this handset with othe sony mobile like xz1 or xz. i am residing in kaushambi (ghaziabad).

Message 205 of 458
Message 205 of 458

Re: Touch screen problem

I purchased this phone in ireland in june 2017. Among other problems the screen not responding to touch along the right hand side in particular means sending texts and whatsapp is near impossible. THe "P" button DOES NOT WORKING 95% OF THE TIME along with other buttons.


I reported this problem to sony within two weeks. However they have tried to very best to ensure my problem is not being listened to. They ring me from private numbers and hung up within seconds meaning i do not have time to answer. They claimed they left messages but they DID NOT. 


I have spoken to 3 different complaints "managers" who all lacked any customer service skills. The first two denied any knowledge of this problem . The third "manager" finally admited it was a known problem. 


The only solution they offered was to send off the phone for reapir meaning:

-i would have no phone in the meantime.

-my phone would have all its data wiped.


I am not accepting this solution. Can anyone suggest a solution to getting a new phone. Has anyone a contact for a person higher up than the so called complaints managers?



Additionally i have recorded the three conversations to show the complete lack of knowledge about the problem along with the lack of customer service skills. Unless someone above the three managers contacts me i will be posting the link to the clips so they are available to the public. The end of the last clip will defo not end well for the third manager who contacted me. 



Message 206 of 458
Message 206 of 458

Re: Any plans of a SONY recall on the defective XA1's with the bad touchscreens?

Any update on this?



Sony seem to be denying any problem.


Shop where i purchased said they sell very little sonys in comparison to samsung and apple. 


Sonys poor quality products and terrible customer service have clearly caught up with them 



Can eveyone on here who has had problems with the touch screen please share you negative experience on gsm arena below please:



Message 207 of 458
Message 207 of 458

Re: Anyone having issues with the side of the screen not working

Any update regarding your problem?

One time poster
Message 208 of 458
Message 208 of 458

Touch screen problem.

So Uh Like most people with this phone I of course have experienced the dreaded touchscreen issue around one month for purchasing this phone.

I have tried safemode.

Screen calibration apps.

Software updates etc.

I'll put a couple pictures of the tests below.


Hope I can get an answer quick!

Many thanks.

One time poster
Message 209 of 458
Message 209 of 458

touch screen of right side does not work

touch screen of right side functoning does not work

One time poster
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Message 210 of 458

Touch screen issue after new updates

Hi there.. I have this XA1 since 5 months.. I bought it when it launched in my country I.e UAE. The few months I have been seriously loving the phone. I liked pretty much everything in the phone. It all ended after I did my first update. I hoped that Xperia has become good in the update job. Unfortunately they are still the same.. I want to request Sony not to give updates for their smartphones. It is killing ur reputation. I am big brand ambassador of ur smartphones.. If we want the phone in a new software we will buy the next smartphone that launches.. For heaven sake please don't update softwares on existing one. The problems I am facing after the update


1. No precision touch even in Safe Mode especially in the edges.. Frustrating 😤 when pressing the letter p on the keyboard.. 

2. Battery drain faster than before

3. Dialer giving unusual problems..

4. There are more but can't remember now..

My smartphone runs Android version 

40.0. A.6.135

If u have an update to solve this problem please provide. As it is a hectic job to backup stuff and wipe contents on the device and then restore.. Please understand.. You guyz have amazing phones but the only thing u lack is reliability on software.. When will Sony get that??