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xperia XA: massive battery drain

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Message 831 of 921

Re: xperia XA: massive battery drain

@Carbonatedcheeze Man, if it happens again, you should take it for battery replacement, coz it's still under warranty, correct? I have noticed only once a sudden drop from 49 to 47, but since there are more coming up with that issue, I will keep a close eye on it and go for replacement each time it happens frequently (I have 2 years warranty for entire phone). I tried the advice of another user and turned off Smart Cleaner. Since that day, standby improved significantly. I keep always on: wifi, 4g, wifi scaning, location (on battery saving), background data, updates, backup etc. But that's only on standby. While using it, the same old story...
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Message 832 of 921

battery draining and heat

Hi, I have seen that there have been obvious issues with the XA battery life and I appear to have experienced something similar, however I haven't seen anyone report a related heat issue.


The problem I seem to have is the battery will drain quite rapidly when in my pocket and heat up. I do not experience this all the time but every few hours or so it will feel hot against my leg and have lost some 20% or so of battery. 


At the same time as seeing this happen the keyboard does not work when it is hot. Opening any app that uses the Sony keyboard, i.e. text messages or google browser, on attempting to type the keyboard flashes up and then promptly disappears. It will not stay up to allow me to type. The only way I can seem to rectify this is to power the phone down and restart it, when it will be fine for a few hours.


Any help that can be offered would be much appreciated as I have resorted to change back to my old handset. 





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Message 833 of 921

Re: battery draining and heat

the symptoms you are describing is usually when an app acts up,. it uses battery and resources causing heat and battery drain,



try to boot to safe mode, to see if this happens again. observe your device.


if you are unsure what app that is causing this, try to perform software repair using Xperia Companion, do not restore apps yet, observe your device for mean time/. and then try to observe which apps you installed may have caused this problem

Learn to take care and troubleshoot your Device here:
Xperia Support by Sony:
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Message 834 of 921

Re: battery draining and heat

Thanks, I will fire it up and see what happens.

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Message 835 of 921

Re: xperia XA: massive battery drain

@4jh wrote:
I started using my first phone which was Nokia 6151 (3 years life) then I moved on to Samsung Monte (2 and half years life). 
When I got my first job I got myself Sony Experia E (1 year life) to use whats-app and fell in love with the camera but as it was running out of space I had to get another Sony product Sony Experia T3 (2 and half years life) but the Sony Experia XA Ultra has been the worst phone I have ever owned in terms of battery life. It dies in the standby mode and I have to use separate alarm clock as my mobile phone dies in matter of 1 hour if not charged. I normally miss calls and alarm in the morning as my phone dies.
Hilarious, right? that's what my work colleagues and friends tell me when my phone dies. Worst when traveling, the 3G/4G cell tower search drains the battery in 30 mins just like the guaranteed pizza delivery. I think it's not enough tip.
I have uninstalled unwanted apps.
I have tried testing by switching off WiFi, Mobile data and Bluetooth even if it affects my NFC enabled Sony Smart band SWR10. Hardly adds up to the phone battery life when social media apps like Facebook are running in the background.
I don't know what's wrong I am carrying my charger and Sony power bank everywhere so that I don't run out of battery.
Please fix this phone battery drain issue as soon as possible Sony but meanwhile I have taken some steps.

Update 1:
Switched to 'Battery Saving' mode for location and switched off scanning.
I have disabled Smart Cleaner as one of the Sony community member suggested.
Even clean master app is disabled. (Tried it month ago takes out annoying ads on home screen in locked screen mode.)

Update 2:
Went to settings - Wi-Fi - Pressed the three vertical dots on top right corner - settings - turn off 'Network notification' ( Notify whenever a public network is available)
Update 3:
Removed unnecessary shortcuts from the home tab.
Update 4: (Optional change)
Switched from Live wallpaper to solid wallpaper (Black)
*Update 5 (13th Jan, 2017):
Despite making the above changes I realized around 3AM to 6AM every night the phone makes some kind of systematic update which drains the battery enough to make the phone run out of battery.
I have switched off Google play store auto updates in the settings > Auto-update apps to "Do not auto-update apps". 
I also made sure App updates available notification is checked.
The battery usage meter shows Cell standby as the maximum battery consumer in use since last charged.

Update 6:


Some more updates. I contacted the Sony India helpline.


They suggested me to reboot to safe mode and to check if the phone was still losing battery. If so, then I was advised to reinstall the Android phone OS software via PC companion software via repair mode by following the instructions which worked with internet.


As per their justification it could be a third party application draining power or previous OS upgrade went wrong.


I backed up necessary contacts and other data.


Post installation, I noticed the Google search box in the home screen and some graphics related problem was fixed.


For added performance improvement. I have switched off location. I only use it when required. I turn it on and off in the settings.


I will update if the battery life gets sorted.


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Message 836 of 921

Re: xperia XA: massive battery drain

@roadrunny76 surely its under warranty but the problem is that the Sony people just stick to the word - 'it's normal'.

And battery going from around 65% to 0 in some 12 minutes is a horrible and DANGEROUS thing.

I always buy Sony phones from that store and the main guy there is my friend. When I went to purchase this XA he already told me that the battery was horrible. He even told me 'to buy another company phone in this price range'. Because at that moment X was 700$, XA ultra was too big, Z5 was still expensive and nothing else was there in the store , (YOU ALREADY KNOW HOW SONY DECIDED TO DEFOCUS ON INDIA)

Though he can easily help me send the phone for replacement/repair, but then the repair team somewhere far away in Sony will take 15 days just to tell that the phone is In 'normal state'

I can tell you because he told me so. I can trust him but now I repent.

*one more thing THE XPERIA X NOW COSTS JUST 440$

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Message 837 of 921

Re: xperia XA: massive battery drain



Based on one of the screenshots that you've posted the screen was on for 4hours and 28minutes, there's nothing wrong with that.


You could do the following


charge the phone 100% > restart the device > boot in >>> safe mode > use the phone as you normally would > do NOT charge the phone > let the battery drain to 10% > take the following screenshots and post them here


settings > battery > tap on the graph 



1. the graph

2. the list

3. tap on the top 5 items on the list and take screenshots of each

4. settings > about phone > status > signal strength > take a screenshot and post it here 



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Message 838 of 921

Listen, I have already done the steps, restarting ones wh...

Listen, I have already done the steps, restarting ones where we give more chances to the phone to detect accurate %. I am not saying that sudden drop happens all the time, it is rare but such a thing is dangerous as you think the phone is fully charged but its not. Though since 2 days its normal. And let me tell you what caused this.

My phone died, its switched off and i place it to charge, after 5 minutes when the % is 11 i power it on and walk out. Came again after 12 mins and i see battery at 65%. Didnt realize that it was a short break. Unplugged . For some time battery was normal but then it went to 0 in 1 minute or so.

This seems just a fault of the component that reads %. I never said that some app used about 30% battery in a blow. And here are the screenshots from gsam. (i know it didnt go from 65% to 0 as i said earlier because i remembered it wrong (sorry) but still the battery was worse from 62% to 30% and after that you know what happened.
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Message 839 of 921

Re: xperia XA: massive battery drain

Will the nougat update be this month?

One time poster
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Message 840 of 921


I've had my xperia XA for 2 month's now and the battery is already draining faster than it should.. My old xperia z3 is fine. Any ideas what I can do?