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Mir wird ständig angezeigt dass mein Speicher zu 95% voll ist. Wenn ich in den Einstellungen auf Daten und Arbeitsspeicher gehe, zeigt es mir an, dass 5,9 GB für das Android-System verbraucht ist. Daher kann ich keine unnützlichen Sachen löschen. Die anderen 5GB sind für Apps verbraucht und diese sind relevant für den Alltag. Hat jemand eine Idee, was ich machen kann ausser alles auf eine SD Karte zu übertragen?

I am constantly informed that my memory is 95% full. If I go into the settings on data and memory, it shows me that 5.9 GB is used up for the Android system. Therefore, I can not delete unnecessary things. The other 5GB are consumed for apps and these are relevant to everyday life. Does anyone have an idea what I can do except transfer everything to an SD card?


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Re: Speicherplatz

Hi @Ambitionz 

Would you mind translating your question into English?

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Sony Xperia Support
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Re: memory

Hi @Ambitionz, welcome to our forum!

Your question has been translated to English as this is an International forum, please post any replies in English and it will be easier for me and other users to assist you.

As you wrote, the space that is occupied by the Android system you can't do anything about, however there is something called "Cached data" and this is only temporarily stored files, how much space is this occupying in your device? This can be deleted without having an impact on your application data as it's not temporary files that will be deleted.

An SD card is pretty cheap way of increasing the storage in your device, however keep in mind that not all applications can be moved to an SD card, as it's up to the developer of the application to add support for this. Certain applications can store data on the SD card, such as offline play lists and offline movies/TV shows.

You can always transfer photos, videos and locally stored music files to the SD card though and setup the camera application so it automatically store photos and videos directly on the SD card instead of the internal storage.

I hope that helps! Slightly smiling Face

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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Re: memory

I'm confused here, where is your other 5gb of data? I'm assuming you have 16gb of memory, 6gb for the android system and 5gb for your installed apps. You should have an extra 5gb memory for more apps and files.