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Xperia XA review, issues and strengths

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Xperia XA review, issues and strengths

I love Sony because they make electronics that last at least in my experience, that is once again true so far with my Xperia XA. Phone operates very fast and very well, with 2 GB of RAM(Random Access Memory for those non-techies) which lets you do things in real time like listening to music while on the Facebook app and 16 GB of internal storage, it's the kind of phone you want if you want things to load quickly offline locally,and store a lot of things. The Camera is good, flashlight is very excellent I must say, but the negative of it is the battery life which is decent but doesn't last as long as you might think or was advertised, 2 Day battery life more like a 12-18 hour battery life, which half to most of 1 Day, but it's better than some other phones though.

* Speed
* Memory
* Camera
* Detailed Settings

* Battery Life

Things I would like to see in future updates?
* How to contact Google support with Android, Google Account, etc.
* More Memory Options other than 16 GB (cause I use alot)
* Removable Internal Storage in exchange for bigger internal storage amounts. (like SD cards and hard drives like the PS4.)
* A Sony survey reward program about opinions on the Xperia Device, features, experience with the device, etc. (Like Sony Rewards, MyCoke Rewards, E-Rewards, Swagbucks, etc.) - - - FYI-Those are currently active Rewards programs right now for Free.

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Re: Xperia XA review, issues and strengths

Great objective recview !


just a few points.


1.) as far as I know, Xperia Xa isn't advertised having 2 day battery life.

2.) this might not be what you are asking but if you go to settings>Google you can "contact" them in help and Feedback option

3.)removal internal storage would defeat the purpose of having a removable storage. also, internal storage is soldered in the motherboard. you can try to buy UHS 1 or Class 10 labeled sd cards for this

4.) try Xperia Lounge, depending on the local availability they hold contests every now and then, with prices such as latest xperia devices or Trip to some events and meet and greet celebs


try to send your feedback here: Local support


Learn to take care and troubleshoot your Device here:
Xperia Support by Sony:
One time poster
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Re: Xperia XA review, issues and strengths

just got a new Sony XA Ultra, it is working fine however, i experience a very light  vibration or trembling while charging.


is this normal?

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Re: Xperia XA review, issues and strengths

I have the XA Ultra and I absolutely love the device... I have two negatives.. The first is the internal storage being only 16gb.. I have other phones and I can manage this size but the XA in always running out... Whilst being able to transfer some apps to the sd card, it's still a problem. . Lastly the battery life... Whilst using the device the actual screen on times for the size of the battery is reasonable.. My big issue is standby battery drain.. I read elsewhere on these forums that it's to do with the Helio P10 processor using cpu when mobile signal is low....
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Re: Xperia XA review, issues and strengths

@Mark29 I believe that is not normal because my XA doesn't so I don't think the XA Ultra should. I would contact Sony's Live Chat, toll free phone number, or create a new thread here on the Support Forums! They are really helpful in my experience with their help support because they've always helped me fix issues with their services and products.
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Suggestion for Xperia XA

I would like to be able to connect my Xperia XA to the PS4 via USB with USB transfer (MTP) compatibility.