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Seriously I hate it; But you guys forced me to write such a detailed mail. Please read it up to the end prior replying to me.


Since you are not getting into my situation, let me make you more clear about the background.


I have purchased the Sony Xperia XA Dual (Graphite Black) having IMEI No- from Amazon on 13th of Dec 2016, which was delivered to me on 19th Dec 2016(Not exactly remembered).


First day itself, I realised the overheating problem. So, I had raised a query on Your service rep suggested me to update the Mobile software. I did it as he guided me but software update couldn’t solve the overheating problem.


After two weeks, I faced another problem, the phone failed to charge while it’s switch on and if I tried to plug the charger to the handset while it’s switch on, then drastically the handset is overheated & the battery level goes down instead of charging. So, each time I had to switch off the handset while charging. Instead of having a busy schedule, I managed some time and visited your Service Centre (Parshwa Services, Job No-W117011101870) on 11th Jan 2017(It’s not even a month from Purchase). They kept the handset for a day and the next day, they told me, it’s a software problem and they have updated my handset’s software. But the same day, I again faced the overheating and quick draining of battery. The next day, I visited the Parshwa Services again and let them know about my problem. Even I talked to their head of the centre. He told me, there is no problem with this phone and overheating is normal in this phone and you have to keep your Mobile data off while charging. After all this is a smart phone I had to keep my mobile data off while charging and had to less use the internet services, still it couldn’t enhance the battery life by more than 6-7 hours. I had to charge it 3-4 times a day to keep it working. Let me know about my daily usage of phone, I am not at all using the phone for gaming. I basically used to use it for calls, messages, mails, WhatsApp and Facebook.


On 11th May 2017, I had to visited again to the Sony Service Centre (Balaji Service, Job No-W117051100147). This time I was facing some problem regarding Camera. Your service executive told me, there are some scratches on the lens and it needs to be replaced, which is chargeable. I wasn’t sure it’s my fault or not , still I had no problem with that.


Again in the month of June, this time I experienced Display problem along with Audio problem. I took the photos through another phone and mailed it to Later I visited to both Parshwa and Balaji Service Centre; but they denied to accept the faulty handset. They told me to bring it after 2nd July due to unavailability of parts coz of GST Implementation. Later I visited Parshwa Services on 3rd of July, they again told me, it will take another week. Finally on 6th July, I sent my faulty handset to the Parshwa Services through one of my friend as I had a busy schedule and it was completely not usable that time. They promised me to deliver it on 10th of July. Later when I called to them, they told me it will take another 2-3 days. Each time I call them, they tell me, your handset will be ready in next 2-3 days. I was waited till 23rd July, that day also I called them and they again told me it will be ready in 2-3 days.


To summarize my points, within this 7 months with this handset, I faced problem from day 1 and I had to visit more than 6 times to your service centre. If you can track my emails and calls to 1800-103-7799, you can discover how many times I have reached you for the solutions. Even each time I had submitted my phone for repair, I couldn’t have a substitute handset for that. Within this 7 Months it was with your service centre for more than 1 months, then why had I bought this phone? Simply the answer is I have bought mental stress and time wastage, while I bought this phone.


See, I am an Employee whose working hours is from morning 9.00AM to Evening 8PM. And Currently My office location is L&T Knowledge City, Vadodara which is at a distance 12.4km from Parshwa Services and 11.4km from Balaji Services.


Seriously it was a frustrating experience with Sony Services. After faded with these type of services, I am just claiming the refund as I am no more want to continue with Sony. Even I am ready with the deduction of Depreciation from the refund value. Kindly response to the mail as specific as you can and please don’t suggest me to go to your service centre again to get new promises/solutions.





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Message 2 of 3


SONY (make believe) 


Every innocent sony smartphone customer has to face these issues as it is a company of fraud innovations. 

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Message 3 of 3


@Rajanikanta-----Sympathy with you my friend and sorry for the agony & pain u r going through.

                                 SONY is actually digging its own grave by doing like this with loyal customers who

                                  have shown faith/trust in there product and brand name,its really pathetic that

                                  SONY is no more customer centric.To solve ur issue pls go for legal action like

                                  CONSUMER COURT and the process is very simple now a days.If u wish then i can

                                   guide you.