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Message 91 of 178
Message 91 of 178

Re: Xperia XA Android Nougat 7.0 Update

Congratulations sony you did it again

No Volte feature that i have been waiting for past 6 months to xa and xa ultra


I thought that you will include that feature in nougat update

But you delayed the nougat update

Also with VoLTE provisoned off that can't be turned on


In future i will never recommend any one to buy sony mobile

I will suggest them to buy redmi lowest rate mobile rather than to buy sony highest rate mobile

Cause they included at least the core features that sony dont includes

One time poster
Message 92 of 178
Message 92 of 178

Re: Need VOLTE support for XA ULTRA

Method 2
this method is the universal method on all android phones, whoever the manufacturer this option will work for you.

Step 1: Open dialer app

Step 2: Dial *#*#4636#*#*

Step 3: Choose phone Information

Step 4: Select VoLTE provisioned flag

That’s it, now restart your phone

Step 5: Go to settings menu >More >Cellular networks and enable ENHANCED 4G LTE mode.

Now you can enjoy HD call aka VoLTE calls on your smartphone.

@Skandy wrote:
Sim is unlocked and I can access interent at 4G from the same. For making free voice call the phone must support Enhanced 4G capabilities called as Voice over LTE. But currently XA ULTRA has only LTE support.


Message 93 of 178
Message 93 of 178

Re: Need VOLTE support for XA ULTRA

But in xperia xa and xa ultra nougat in india

Volte provisioned flag automatic switched of as soon as we touch or close app

I had tried many times

And when we call to customer care it always told

Volte is not suopported by xA chipset that we know they are liars

Message 94 of 178
Message 94 of 178

Re: Need VOLTE support for XA ULTRA



I understand that you want VOLTE but you already have an answer, this has to be enabled by carriers. A carrier network will not tell their customers that they will NOT invest time nor resources to implement this on the update; just like sometimes carriers aren't honest and don't tell their customers that they will NOT approve any future updates even if the cellphone manufacturer release and update. 


VOLTE has to be enabled and implemented by the carrier, you could keep complaining on this forum, which is a global user based forum, or you could keep contacting Sony but you should be contacting and complaining to your carrier, at the end of the day you are free to do as you please, if you want to continue posting here, that's fine, just comply with the forum guidelines. 

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

One time poster
Message 95 of 178
Message 95 of 178

Again disappointed..

While buying xperia xa ultra i never expected that this phone not supports "Volte" even below 10k price phones in india having this feature. 

I hoped sony will enable this feature(volte)  in the next update.. 

But disappointed.. 


I cand understand why sony taking it as a silly thing.. 

Message 96 of 178
Message 96 of 178

Re: Again disappointed..

Why some of you still complaining about VoLTE? To make these calls, both phones need to work with VoLTE. Why you want to enable a function, even if Sony had that option, to be able to speak with maybe 1 or 2 devices compatible with that function? Nokia 3310 is not compatible 


It`s like having an analog audio source to create a digital noise. You will loose quality in both end plus VoLTE wont work at all. In other word,to my understanding it`s not that Sony doesn`t want to, your device must have a compatible operator and the ROM of that operator. Not a customised country ROM

One time poster
Message 97 of 178
Message 97 of 178

Re: Sony xperia xa supports Volte?

It's all fine with my xperia but when I'm  trying to call 🤙 someone with jio in my xperia xa dual. The call ends automatically why I don't know, and now I am using 4g voice to call someone and I want to know why it's happening why 4g voice is needed to call someone, in that case when I am using galaxy j5 it's properly working without a 4g voice app. Please help me please. 

Message 98 of 178
Message 98 of 178

Re: Sony xperia xa supports Volte?

If volte is supported in a mob then u don need Jio voice app .. if mob doesn't support volte then u need this jio voice app to make call .. 

One time poster
Message 99 of 178
Message 99 of 178

Sony xperia xa ultra get volte or not?

I can't understand why Sony makes phool Xperia user's? Lots of time Sony claims that Xperia xa ultra doesn't support volte update because it's required hardware support which xa ultra have doesn't and no one Xperia device's get volte update through software update but if  it is correct then how to Sony xperia x getting  VOLTE OTA  update ??? This also one tipes of software updates so don't make us phool..

I'm buying a Xperia xa ultra phone this is one my big mistake my life  in feature I'm doesn't  bought this tipes of low class careless companies handset which not complete our requirements.. 



Message 100 of 178
Message 100 of 178


I'm in India and my carrier Jio has a LTE only network which uses VoLTE exclusively for calls. I know my xperia xa ultra has volte but I can't enable it anyway. I'm currently using an app my carrier provides for non volte phones to make calls. When I contacted carrier customer service they seem to think my phone doesn't have volte feature. Since this is an unlocked handset please help me to enable volte. 

I really hoped nougat update would enable volte.