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Several issues with XA

One time poster
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Message 1 of 2

Several issues with XA

Recently switched to the Xperia after using nothing but Samsung for years, and I will never go back to Samsung.  I have the XA Ultra and am constantly impressed by this phone.  There are, however, a couple of things I would like to find out about:


1.  When I reboot the phone, Bluetooth is automatically turned on, even if it was off when I rebooted the phone.  Is this a glitch?  It's not a big deal, just curious

2.  I recently moved all of my photos from the phone to a cloud storage, and then deleted them from the phone.  I went into the album (default album included with the phone) several times after deleting the photos and they definitely weren't there.  However, when I rebooted the phone last night, all of the photos were back!  How is this possible?

3.  On occasion, I have lost the ability for others to hear me during a phone conversation.  I can hear them fine.  If I call using Whatsapp or Skype during this time, they can hear me.  If I reboot the phone, service is restored.  Could this be a problem with the phone?  I have Marshmallow installed. I don't really care if it's a problem with the phone - I don't want to talk to people that often anyway. 4.  Are there any special tips that anyone can provide?  I've done google searches for the same and have read through several sites, but I'd like to see if there's anything else. 




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Re: Lovin' it, but...

I can't say for the other issues you mentioned but I also have experienced the first one regarding bluetooth.