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Unusable phone Google and Internet services

One time poster
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Message 1 of 4

Unusable phone Google and Internet services

Hi, I bought a long time ago at SFR a Sony ericsson x10 mini, it is blocked SFR and has version 2.1 update 1 android.
I have not lit it for years (5 years).
It is impossible for me to connect to my Google account (to be able to access Android market which is the ancestor of the play store), it tells me that the password is incorrect, of course I tried several times by checking Uppercase etc ... to be on I logged into my Google account on the PC is it works.
The only solution is to create a new account, so I make a new account and when I go on Android market, it says "a server error occurred, ..." (the phone is at the right one date and hour).
In the notifications I see "account connection error" (the SIM card works and I am connected in wifi at my house). I press the notification and it says: "connection to Google: the password you entered is incorrect ..." for no reason.
I give my password and it makes me same problem that when I wanted to connect to my account (incorrect password)
I recreate a new email address and create exactly the same as above (android market, notification, incorrect password etc ...)
I reset the phone the same, when I log in to my account it puts me incorrect password)
When I go to update it tells me: "update impossible, connection to network impossible" (the phone is connected to the internet and works when I go to the Internet browser (except that there are security warnings Because of the certificates) (I repeat that the phone is on the right date and time, either automatically or manually).
Not the choice, the phone is unusable, I can just phone and send messages. I download PC companion, and also I try to download SEUS, but I saw that now it is Xperia companion, but nothing to do the software (and the computer) does recognize the phone I tried Several cables including the official, several PC, I followed the instructions on Xperia companions: unplug, press the volume button -, connect the phone while maintaining the volume -
Still nothing, the phone does not react, after 5min I restarted the volume button - and there it turned on normally. I tried several times but the software still can not find the phone.
I decide to go to the Sony site to see the latest update and even the site can not find a phone by entering the IMEI number which is displayed by putting * # 06 # (the IMEI number is identical to the number behind the phone Or there is the bar code)
I wonder if there is not something that blocks directly from the servers of Sony or the operator because I REALLY tried the most thing possible.
One last thing, in parameters: account and sync: it shows me "the synchronization is currently encountering problems, it will be restored soon", it is probably due to the fact that the phone asks me the password Google but even if I put the GOOD password, it will put that user combination and password is incorrect (I repeat again, I was not wrong in spelling.




One time poster
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Message 2 of 4

Unusable phone Google and Internet services

Good day


I have pretty much the same problem on my Xperia Ray and I'm looking for a solution!


Any info out there?



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Message 3 of 4

Re: Unusable phone Google and Internet services

Hi, did you ever get this problem sorted?  Interested as I have the same problem and its driving me nuts.


Thanks in advance

One time poster
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Message 4 of 4

Re: Unusable phone Google and Internet services

Hi, not long ago I bought xperia x10 Pro because I never had phone like this and I wanted to check how it is to use a phone like this in 2019, but when I tried to log on my Google account I have a message to connect to Internet despite I'm on wifi or GSM internet, it still can't check for update or communicate with Google servers to check my google account, can someone tell me it is possible because this phone is unusable in 2019 due to android 2.1 or its something wrong with phone itself. Because its useless even to check the email because I need to be logged on Gmail or to install any app as I don't have file manager which I need to download from store.

Thanks for any answers, hope someone can help and make this phone usable for me.