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Google Assistant keeps activating with headphones

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: Google Assistant keeps activating with headphones

has this started up for anyone? i disabled Google assistant months ago  but today she started interrupting again

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Message 12 of 13

Re: Google Assistant keeps activating with headphones

This was driving me nuts too. My issue was that it was only partly set up. I remember taking the update that enabled it in my WH1000XM2 headphones but never completed setup on my phone (Oneplus 6T).

My solution was;

  1. Unpair the headphones in the Bluetooth settings on the phone
  2. Re-pair them either using the Bluetooth pairing or NFC option
  3. Press the Google Assistant button (long press home usually)
  4. Tap the "Complete headphone setup" icon
  5. Complete setup - this is vital - you must agree to the terms and complete the setup.
  6. A screen will display confirming that your headphones have been set up
  7. Long press Home to bring up the Google Assistant window
  8. There should be a "Headphone Settings" button - tap it
  9. This opens up a hidden menu in the Sony Headphone Connect app where you have the option to disable spoken notifications, or disconnect the Google Assistant function entirely.
  10. Choose whichever option you want and you'll never be prompted by an annoying notification from your Mum in the middle of Beethoven's Glorious 5th ever again (that's the music, not the film about the dog)
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Message 13 of 13

Re: Google Assistant keeps activating with headphones

Look at the scematic papers of an headphone(internet) and see how the jack/plug is build ... So 3 sections bottem-mic(black) mid-left ear(green) upper-right ear(red)