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Suddenly no more sound via car bluetooth connection (BMW MINI F57)

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Suddenly no more sound via car bluetooth connection (BMW MINI F57)

Hello everybody,


since June, I have my new car, BMW Mini F57 with Visual Boost, Bluetooth etc. + my new phone, Sony Xperia X compact. So far no problems regarding bluetooth connection, music or phonecalls via bluetooth (althoug I know BMW focuses on Apple).


A couple of days ago, though, I  did not hear any sound through my car-sound-system anymore, when I wanted to listen to music via my Sony. The car-display shows the track and the time is running, but no sound. The bluetooth connection is okay, car recognizes phone instantly and I can use all functions, scroll through media-library etc..

My old Iphone 4 works without problem in my car.


- I disconnected car+phone bluetooth and reconnected again: no change.

- restart phone: no change

- restart car: no change

- erase phone/car from bluetooth memory and make an all-new pairing: this worked!


Two days later, same problem. As I did not want to do all that pairing stuff again, I chose my old Iphone to hear music and after about 10mins, tried it again and selected my Sony in the car-display. And tadaaa - suddenly, it worked and I had sound via bluetooth.


Again one day later, same problem again. And the last trick did not help anymore, so I assume I have to do the pairing process again.

But I do not want to pair my phone and car every single day just use my phone in the car.

I did not try phonecalls so far, I will do it today, if this function is affected as well (I think so).


What could the problem be? Does anybody have any ideas?


Thank you very much in andvance,

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Suddenly no more sound via car bluetooth connection (BMW MINI F57)

@Corinna86 this could be a software issue. Next time that this happen, try to restart your phone in safe mode, and see if this fix your problem. If it does you need to find an app installed in your phone that is altering the volume or you could perform a software repair.


Instructions to restart your phone in safe mode


Instructions to perform a software repair using Xperia Companion

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