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Reboot, reboot, reboot...

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Message 11 of 15

Re: Reboot, reboot, reboot...



Have you reinstalled Xperia Companion? 

Is the phone fully charged?

Have you updated JAVA on your computer? 


how did the issue first started? 

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Re: Reboot, reboot, reboot...

Yes, did all those things.

I don't know exactly when it started. Sometime in December. Maybe after the latest Oreo update?

The charging port started to malfunction in December so I replaced it.

I don't know if this started before or after replacing the port. The new port charges reliably again. But the phone won't recognize when it is plugged into a computer. No menu.

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Re: Reboot, reboot, reboot...

Hi @jp241 

Answering this question:

Please describe again. Those instructions for the forum do not make sense and don't work.

Did you notice this line:

2B. If the device can't be detected or powered on, or if you it's a SmartWatch 3, make sure you have ticked the box in the bottom left corner "My device cannot be detected or started, or is a Smartwatch 3" and then click on "Next".


The other thing is that with my USB cable and my device, it won't detect the device, but when I plug in the USB C plug the other way round (turning it 180 degrees) it does detect it and operates as expected.

(I do seem to have a crippled cable or something {not Sony but from the local supermarket} )

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Re: Reboot, reboot, reboot...

Yes, I checked that box.

Yes, I turned the cable over and tried different cables.

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Re: Reboot, reboot, reboot...

I had the same issue. Yesterday I've done the software repair with Xperia Companion and everything was working again. 

But this morning I've noticed that my battery was down again and after recharge I had the same problem again. My phone is constantly rebooting. so I can start all over again.