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Mobile phone loses connection

One time poster
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Mobile phone loses connection

Mobile phone loses connection
The mobile phone loses the connection.

The Printer Grinning Faceer No SIM Card-Only Emergency Call

I then restarted the mobile phone, using pin code, so it works for a while, but then it comes again.

Mcafee has been installed and updated but does not find anything

AVG protection installed, but does not find anything.

I have installed Xperia Companion on my PC and put the mobile phone on and started the program software operation, it stopped and I could not get in touch with the mobile

Mobile reset, but the problem is still there.

I have ordered a new sim card and the cell phone ran fine for some days until I install the sikkertjem S6evo app one, so it starts all over again.

I do not know if this app is, but after resetting the phone and not installing the security folder, the phone continues to crash.

I don't know if viruses can get in sim cards?

Suport sikkerthjem says their app is approved and refined and they have not heard of this before.

The problem has been going on for 14 days and it can take several days for it to work.

I was in Elgiganten and he said that maybe the sim card reader was defective and it couldn't pay to repair.

My Sony xperia X compact F5321 MIst Blue is 2 years and 4 months old and if it can't last any longer I think I'll try another brand maybe Iphone

There was another customer in front of me who would like a new battery in his phone, he was told he could as well buy a new phone.

What can you learn from that?

Buy a cheap phone and when it doesn't work, buy a new one.

The pensioner



Mobiltelefonen mister forbindelsen.

Den skriverGrinning Faceer ikke noget SIM kort-Kun nødopkald

Jeg har så genstartet mobilen,ved brug af pin kode, så virker den et stykke tid,men så kommer det igen.

Mcafee har været instaleret og opdateret,men finder ikke noget

AVG protection instaleret,men finder ikke noget.

Jeg har instaleret Xperia Companion på min PC og sat mobilen til og startet programmet sofwareperation,det stoppede og jeg kunne ikke komme i forbindelse med mobilen

Mobilen nulstillet,men problemet er der stadigvæk.

Jeg har bestilt nyt sim kort og mobilen kørte fint i nogle dage, indtil jeg instalerer sikkerthjem S6evo app en,så starter det hele igen.

Jeg ved ikke om det er denne app,men efter  at have nulstillet mobilen og ikke instaleret sikkerthjemappen fortsætter telefonen med at gå ned.

Jeg ved ikke om der kan komme virus i sim Kort ?

Suport sikkerthjem siger at deres app er godkendt og verficeret og de ikke har hørt om dette før.

Problemet har stået på i 14 dage og der kan gå flere dage hvor den virker.

Jeg var ude i Elgiganten og han  sagde at det måske var simkort læseren der var defekt og det kunne ikke betale sig at reparere.

Min Sony xperia X compact F5321 MIst Blue er 2 år og 4 måneder gammel og hvis den ikke kan holde længere tror jeg at jeg vil prøve et andet mærke måske Iphone

Der stod en anden kunde foran mig,som gerne vil have et nyt batteri i sin telefon,han fik at vide at han kunne også lige så godt købe en ny telefon.

Hvad kan man så lære af det ?.

Køb en billig telefon og når den ikke virker,køb en ny.


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Message 2 of 3

Re: Mobile phone loses connection



I've edited your post as this is an English only forum, you can use Google Translate to reply and/or post.

Something got lost in translation but


have you repaired the phone with Xperia Companion?

Does the phone restart with any SIM card? 

Does it recognize any SIM card at all?

Are you able to use Bluetooth and/or WiFi? 



"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Mobile phone loses connection

Hi there.

Sometimes it is a 3rd party app that is in the way.

You can test by going into safe mode, a situation where all 3rd party apps are excluded in the startup process and you're running a more or less clean machine.

Goto safe mode by pressing the power button.

Then long press on the restart button and you get a choice to go into safe mode.


Anather test is to run the phone without SD card.

SD cards tend to break down every once in a while.

By taking it out you can test if the SD card is causing trouble.


Just ask again if you are still having problems.


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