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4G switch button selects WCDMA-only or GSM randomly

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4G switch button selects WCDMA-only or GSM randomly


I often have to switch between 3G network mode and GSM mode, due to dilema of having fast Internet or having good signal for phone calls. This is because in my country, 3G network operates on totally different band than 2G, and 3G coverage is far from complete. So I've added this 4G switch button to the drawer. The problem is, when I want to disable 4G (and 3G, for this matter), it often switches to WCDMA-only mode, instead of GSM-only, which I want. Some other times it could switch to GSM-only. I don't get the system how it chooses the mode. Is there any way to fix it to be always GSM-only when disabled? This would help me a lot. Thanks.

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Re: 4G switch button selects WCDMA-only or GSM randomly

I also find this annoying. 4G switch switches on 4G and pressing it again switches to 3G mode. I, too, would want it to switch to GSM mode (I want to save battery) - it would be only logical for it to switch back to whatever mode it was on before using the switch to turn 4G on.

Bringing users more features should not mean leaving users without a chance to opt out of those features. No offline calendar nor a sound recorder out of the box? Why?
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Re: 4G switch button selects WCDMA-only or GSM randomly

Same problem here.

My home is in a valley, where only gsm network is stable. So when I come home, and I disable mobile data and LTE, phones changes to wcdma only. I have missed many phone calls, because I forgot to change settings to gsm (or gsm/wcdma) manually.


Is there possibly some workaround or app to make my phone automatically change to gsm mode?