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Sony tablet Z lose battery and won't charge

Posts: 7
Registered: ‎2016-04-14

Sony tablet Z lose battery and won't charge

my tablet can't charge, I loose power till it turn off and its die for a week. During its discharge out, i plug in the sony charger as normal and the message pop up on screen said the charger is not power enough the tablet use energy more than charger provided, which is original sony charger. I never use the other brand to charge my phone because I belived in sony product. until now my tablet cant charge, cant open, just death. every i try to plug in the led light appear in orange for a while and gone at some point still, cant open. I guess i understand why sony use the word make believe to promote now, your guys just make me believe only right?. Anyway i heard lots of sudden death happen with sony devices and will be fix soon, so hopefully my tablet can run again after if it come back to life somehow.

I really think something wrong if its not from your software, its android itself, but if it android, the other brand that use this os should have problem too right?


Posts: 3,090
Registered: ‎2015-03-25

Re: Sony tablet Z lose battery and won't charge

You can start by trying a different charger or USB cable to make sure if it's a charger problem or a battery problem.

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Posts: 3
Registered: ‎2016-09-27

Re: Sony tablet Z lose battery and won't charge

I had the same problem as you and ended up finding a solution that seems to work so far that Sportyerre had posted in January.


It is a slightly obscure fix, but seems to make sense.  Hope this helps!


-Fred Smith