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Yellow tint

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Re: Yellow tint

yeah, sounds like a plan, perhaps I will inform the store evern before I pay in full that it might need to be replaced in a couple of hours!! devil

if sony doesn't fix this, it might mean the end of sony mobiles for me.

fingers crossed. I really want this one.

Thanks Krisraumundo.

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Re: Yellow tint

isn't it surprising, people all over the web are screaming with this yellow tint and dead pixcel - screen malfunction on XPS, but, Sony has no where commented on this or promised a solution!

Sony Xperia Support
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Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: Yellow tint

"Re: Yellow tint

I will check this and also pass it on to have other colleagues check this as well. I'll update you guys as soon as I have any info about this."

It's being looked at.

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Re: Yellow tint

i got my replacement phone from the shop were i bought my phone and it is good. no yellow tint/tinge/smudge on the bottom right of the screen.. my replaced phone was from china and my second phone was also from china.. i hope this can help!smile happy

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Re: Yellow tint

I first xperience this with my arc.  My xperia s noe has this also but I think its kinda feint still hope it dont worsten

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Re: Yellow tint

i have a pretty good feeling that it has got to do something with the temperature of the phone. i have noticed it more than 10x with my defective xperia s that whenever it is hot(watched mtv or played games for straight 30mins to 1 hour in an airconditioned room or non-aircon room) that yellow tint/smudge/tinge at the lower right bottom of the screen can be CLEARLY seen. But after resting my phone for about 2 hours then opening it up again the yellow tint is gone. I think some xperia s have problems with regards to heat issue especially the lcd. this is just my opinion though based on my happy

One time poster
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Registered: ‎2012-03-21

Re: Yellow tint

I had previously made another new thread about the issue with Xperia S and now I will post it here for easier trackability purposes.

I had my Xperia S returned to my mobile carrier and got a replacement two days ago after much hassle and wastage of time. This is my analysis and I know what I say and compare because I had the chance of using the defective Xperia S and my current "seems to be ok" Xperia S.


This is the perculiar case of my earlier defective Xperia S:

[The earlier defective Xperia S really gave me a worst nightmare.

1) Dead pixels and yellow patches; The yellows patches will be seen easily when you turn on the "backlight"of the screen, which also means its 100% brightness. You can turn on the "backlight" by going to the widget at the home screen created by Sony, where you can also turn on wi-fi, gps etc from there.

To see these prominent "yellow patches" which tends to stay at the edges, corners, and at the area near the transparent antenna (where there should a big yellow patch), you need to turn on the "backlight" of your screen and use the phone for a while, probably 10 to 15 mins of gaming, web browsing or video. Once the Xperia S got heated up, you will see those yellow patches, especially in a white or grey or light blue or light green back ground. You can check the yellows patches out by opening Facebook (white background), or a more standard way, by downloading "screen test" from goggle play store.

2) Unfortunately for my case, there were also dead pixels on my screen. A perculiar case for me because, upon close inspection on the screen, there seems to be "grid lines" where the protective layer on the screen was removed. By close inspection here means it is noticed by physical eyes. The touch were particularly not that responsive and comfortable. The capacitive buttons were particularly not very responsive too.

3) Another perculiar case about the Xperia S is it seemed to warp at the bottom after 3 days of usage. The body of the Xperia S felt like it was not in a propotional manner; a phone with slim top but fat bottom if you know what i mean. I suspect this could the the immense heat generated.

4) Lastly the defective Xperia S crashed or "hanged" a lot compared to my current replacement Xperia S, when both of them are running on the same apps. Other than that, the defective Xperia S also seems to generate more heat.

My Current Xperia S where i have been using it for 2 days:

1) After my mobile carrier sent a replacement for my defective Xperia S (only the handset, no box and no accessories replacement.), upon using it right from the first time, I can feel physical difference between the defective one and this replacement. This is especially true about the capacitive buttons. It seems that design of the capacitive is different, the space to house the capacitive buttons seems to be "taller" than the previous one. As a result, the capacitive button are very responsive, accurate and easier to locate.

2) The heat generated from the phone is also lesser if compare to my previous defective Xperia S. There also seems to no warpage of the body, i.e at the bottom where the transparent antenna is housed.

3) There "grid lines" seems to disappear from the screen upon close inspection. The touch of the screen feels comfortable and very responsive.

5) The replacement Xperia S seems to operate stably and so far there has not been a single crashed or "hang" yet.


5) The yellow patches seems to remain at the edges, corners and the bottom part (near the transparent antenna) of the screen, although i must admit the level of severity here is much subtle and less prominent. If the yellows patches prove to persist and get worse from the following usage, this could be a technical issue and I hope Sony will provide a solution.


I will continue to monitor the condition of my new XPERIA S eventhough the experience of using it seems to be a lot better now.

My final advice is upon first usage of your newly purchse Xperia S, be sure to check the "Yellow patches", "Grid Lines", "Warpage", reponsiveness of "Capacitive Button" and touch experience of the "Screen".

I will post the Imei Number of my defective Xperia S and the Current Xperia S. This is to check the probability of defective manufactured batches of Xperia S in early stage.

I am a Sony guy and I am the pioneer user of Xperia because I used legendary Xperia X1 since the first day it was launched. I Hope this will help users of Xperia S or the potential users of Xperia S. The overall user experience of Xperia S is great, with that good industrial design, provided you are lucky to get the right Xperia S with good technical capability.

Posts: 54
Registered: ‎2012-03-10

Re: Yellow tint

Hi, how come you guys are so lucky because of can get the replacement of the handset. I'm not the lucky one sad. I went to a sony ericsson service center at singapore (where i'm now and singapore and bought the phone here 2 weeks ago). I show the so call 'Technician' about the problem of my phone, he just said to me that 'this is not the problem of the phone and i don't think sony will replace it for you , if you INSIST WANT TO REPLACE A PHONE, YOU HAVE TO PAY 300 FOR THAT.' WOW!! WTF!. that shock me. After that he sugguest me to go another service center, and there may have more experience technician there. He also added that he had recieved many PSP about the problem the display too, but so far no replacement for that. I'm really disappointed! My first phone is sony ericsson T68, then k500, c905 now xperia S and never change to others brand. I'm the fan of sony ericsson phone. I really not hope that this is my last handset from SONY ERICSSON (SONY).

One time poster
Posts: 44
Registered: ‎2012-03-21

Re: Yellow tint

Hi djingga,

I got my defective Xperia S replaced by my mobile carrier.

I did go to Sony Ericsson service center (or now Sony Mobile Service center), they did not agree to replace a new handset for me but only repair it under warranty conditions.

I also wrote emails to Sony Mobile but to my disappointment, Sony does not provide a 1 to 1 replacement for defective phones. Instead, they asked me to get my phone repaired at Sony service center.

It seems that the only solution and chance that you get your replacement is by contacting your mobile carrier.

Unfortunately, it seems that the issue of yellow patches still linger around with the new replacement, although it is not that obvious. I think there are problems with specific batch production.

Good luck! smile happy

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Re: Yellow tint

You guys in western countries are lucky... I got exactly the same issue in HK. I feel very frustrated and disappointed regarding to this problem (I think it is well known issue all over the world). It is totally unacceptable that the customer service hotline told me to bring the phone to local service center, when I wnt there the service representative at the center said the “yellow tint” at the lower right corner of the screen is “normal” and refuse to give a fix because “no functional defects on the phone”.

I brought the phone just for 2 weeks. It was a very bad experience for me… I don’t think I would purchase any Sony product again.

FYI, this is the email replied from Sony HK regarding to this issue after I sent a complaint letter to Sony HK after I back home from the customer center:

"Dear customer:

Thanks for using Sony Xperia Support email service.

According to your inquiry, illumination visually disparity is normal situation since different phone have different screen brightness and color value. It does not involve product quality and inspection symptom. We would like to express sorrow to announce that no refund and replace supported.

If you are very doubt it, we suggest that you visit our customer service center with your phone and purchase invoice (inspection fee non of charge within 1 year warranty) for further help:

Sorry for any inconvenience that caused.

If you have any further enquiry, please feel free to contact us again.

Thanks again for your email."