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Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

Message 171 of 245
Message 171 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

first you must performe reset to factory

it must help you

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Message 172 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

Why should I factory reset my phone because Sony have screwed the update up. Where are Sony on this this matter, what are they doing to sort the problem out.

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Message 173 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

And another thing ,all these posts about flashing your phone and reverting back to previous version may be ok for some but i'm not confident doing that.Complete balls up by sony. I had my phone 8 months before this update and it was great. It takes me about 5 mins to make a call now waiting for the menus to move.


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Message 174 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update



It would be good if Sony did provide a way to roll back updates - Samsung do. As it is flashing is your only option.


Flashing is fairly easy to do and there's not much danger of bricking your phone (if at all). You do have to wipe everything, though, which is a hassle. Where you stand warranty wise is also a bit of a grey area - I flashed mine and subsequently restored it without any problems. As far as I know my warranty should be OK, but I don't know for sure.


If you don't want to flash, then either send it back under warranty or wait god knows how long for Sony to issue another update that fixes things.


It is a pretty poor situation - it's a lot of phone for the money, but let down by poor software.



Message 175 of 245
Message 175 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

Aye, Sony needs to get this looked at, £200+ for a phone and now I cannot even receive calls due to the phone taking so long to display the screen.

Have just tried to receive a call and the screen is just hung there blank.


List of observed problems

  1. Keyboard lagging about 10 seconds
  2. Chrome, forget it, wont work properly at all and keys dont respond
  3. Poor battery life, losing 24 hours of standby now
  4. screen blank and just empty
  5. NFC wont respond and when it does, only half what you programmed works
  6. coming out of standby, leave phone for 30 seconds, then use it

Its complete nonsense that this can happen so come on Sony, get this sorted out. I am going to be sending a bill to Sony UK for the complete and utter waste of my £200 they have created.


I have resest the phone, used SUS to upgrade still all these problems. I am reluctant to roll back as I dont see why I should run the brick risk and spend my time fixing what Sony has messed up.


Either fix the latest software or give users a solid rollback function so we can get some use out of only weeks old phones.



Message 176 of 245
Message 176 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

Couldnt agree more. I've just had a chat to one of the agents who's response was simply "Sorry to hear that. You cant downgrade firmware. Bye".


As my username suggests - we now know what "SP" stands for. Kudos if I'm right !

One time poster
Message 177 of 245
Message 177 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

Just my two cents.


I've had the same problems. Screen flickering, laggy, battery drain, middle part of the screen not unlocking, etc. I spoke to Orange UK earlier who directed me to Sony and I ended up looking at this thread.


I'd done factory resets and reinstalled 4.3 via PCC and to be fair, it was better but still not great. Having read on here that SUS is the way to go, I did it earlier. Google services is right up there in battery usage so I might have to disable wi-fi location services again and I can't comment on the flickering screen at the mo, but as far as performance is concerned it's waaay better. It's like having 4.1 again. 


I'm not a developer, just an average Joe so if anyone else is having problems, I'd recommend reinstalling with SUS not PCC. Worked for me.

Message 178 of 245
Message 178 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

and so the useless service from Sony continues, I lodged a support ticket with them, "we will respond in 48 hours" or something, that was 96 hours ago so I can see Sony are taking this whole problem seriously.


No matter, my S3 is back on charge again, will be storing the SP, probably forever since it seems Sony cant be bothered supporting their own products properly. 


Very peeved to say the least as a long term Sony product buyer, we are replacing all our TVs soon so it will be out with the Sonys and in with something else by the look if it.



Message 179 of 245
Message 179 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

I am really disappointed in Sony. The phone was amazing when I first got it, super smooth, all apps opened instantly etc. Now I have done the update, it all went down hill. Apps take an age to open, some just crash and kill the phone, battery is dire, when coming out of stand by you have to wait for the phone to catch up and trying to get the keyboard to fire up to send a text is a joke. Seriously considering powering my beloved blackberry back up, that never gave me any issues and more importantly worked!

Sony TAKE NOTE....get some quality control, test software before you release it! You have seriously damaged your reputation by not supporting your customers and your products.
Message 180 of 245
Message 180 of 245

Re: Xperia SP INCREDIBLY slow after new update

Same problem


Version  4.3 seems to eat too much RAM.

I did not want to flash , reinstall, etc loose everything.


So i decided to uninstall or disable not necessary apps and services (go to settings - applications - running (i do not know the caption here, my phone is in french) 

Take a look at what is taking more than 10 meg of active ram 


MAJOR STEP 1 : and decide what to UNINSTALL

This is the most important step 


I suggest that you manage to have more than 100 meg of free ram (see the little ruler at the bottom)

I'm speaking about *RAM* memory (not disk space as in other applications tabs)



MAJOR STEP 2 : Then I went to the "All" applications tab and disabled & resetted to factory unneccesary apps (all these gadgets pre installed by manufacturers and almost useless)

account manager de Sony,
actualités et meteo de Google,
Assistance Xperia
Facebook( sorry , no need of Big Brother & loose to much time :-)
Google play Musique, films , magazines, kiosque, musique (f*** big brother)
Google+ (idem)
Smart connect
Sony select logger
Xperia link (not needed for me)

closed Viber (annoying, starts again all over the time ^^) soon will be uninstalled
very ram hungry

so you see the trick : CLEANUP your phone :-)

Much much better now, i can wait with nooo problem till the fix from Sony

This method can help for other models and brands

& No need to buy a more powerful phone ^^