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Xperia S battery drops to 0%

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Message 11 of 14

Re: Xperia S battery drops to 0 while on a call

Switch off your mobile

1st - both keys 5 seconds

it will turn on, again switch it off and then

2nd - both keys 10 seconds

3rd mobile already on

both keys 5  seconds

4th mobile on both keys 10 seconds

although 1st and 2nd are enough but 3 and 4 to do it for sure

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Re: Xperia S battery drops to 0 while on a call

I have an Xperia P and probably the same problem. I was redirected here from that subforum.
Do I understand it correctly that you must:

1. Switch off phone

2. Press these buttons for 5 seconds

3. Press these buttons for 10 seconds

4. Switch on phone

5. Press these buttons for 5 seconds

6. Press these buttons for 10 seconds

How important is it do it in this order?

Since my problem is that in step 2 and 3 the phone switches on after pressing about 4 seconds. And in step 5 and 6 the phone resets itself after pressing about 4 seconds.

Thank you for your help

PS. Oh wait a minute, now that I post I see that there is a second page with this thread and I might see the anser now.

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Message 13 of 14

Re: Xperia S battery drops to 0 while on a call

Hi Nabeel,


I was having two probs: -


1) The phone shut down automatically. It just refused to switch on and stabilize. It switched on and shut down in a loop.

2) The phone was showing false battery %.


For the second prob, I tried your method and it worked. After that, for first prob, I repaired my phone using Sony Bridge for Mac and it actually reset my phone to initial stage rather repairing it.  After the repair, I faced the issue of shutting down once (just after the repair was complete). I haven't faced it again after that (the shut down just after the repair might be due to some process running in background for repair). BUT I am again facing the false battery % prob. I have repeated your method 2-3 times in past 12 hours but not able to overcome it. Please suggest what to do.


Thanks in anticipation.

One time poster
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Message 14 of 14

Re: Xperia S battery drops to 0 while on a call

Hey there, I'm having the same problem.
My Xperia Acro S suddenly drops its battery to 1% from 59%.
Then it shuts down automatically.
After that, I turned it on again, and after 20-30seconds, then phone would shut down again.
My phone also became super hot!
Have you solved your problem? I've been searching for solutions for days!
If you solved it, please share it.
Sorry for my bad english.