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Battery Life (Drain) and Battery Level problem in Xperia SL

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Battery Life (Drain) and Battery Level problem in Xperia SL



This is my first post and I'm extremely sorry if I brake any forum rules.


Down to the topic, I have an Xperia SL which is about one and a half years old. The problem is, for about a month or two, it's giving a battery drainon light usage. It drains about 15% in standby in an hour, and believe it or not, Extended Standby Mode makes it worse!


Talk about on-screen time, playing a light game like Stick Cricket, Jetpack Joyride or Subway Surfer drains 5-10% in 5 minutes. Clash of Clans, which doesn't drain much on my friends' Xperia devices, drains 20% in 10 minutes!


But that's not where it gets bad. Recently my battery level was at 38% when I got fed up and did a reboot by holding the power and volume up keys until the phone vibrated three times in a row (I read on this forum that I should do this). When it booted, taa-daa! It's 60%! How did it increase so much! (Please look at the extreme right side of the screenshot, you'll see the sudden increase)



This is really frustrating. I haven't  rooted my phone or flashed any other ROM or Kernel. I'm on stock Xperia SL 6.2.B.1.96 firmware with stock kernel in India, so I guess it is a world generic firmware. Please help me out!


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Battery Life (Drain) and Battery Level problem in Xperia SL

I suggest that you try to repair the phone software using PC Companion..

Before repairing your device you may want to backup your information first. Check out this topic for more information on how to.
How to backup?

If the issue should still remain I think that this needs to be examined and fixed at a repair center. For more information about how to submit your phone for repair and where, contact your local support team.

sony_sign_logo.png - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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