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Xperia M5 E5603 Gold Not Charging , Booting up.

One time poster
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Xperia M5 E5603 Gold Not Charging , Booting up.

Hello Yesterday i was using my xperia m5 normally and it was working supper fine i put my phone on to charge at night and wake up morning i got my phone 100% of battry , i went out and after 5-6 hours i see my phone turned off and i haven't use it , i pluged in the charger and i see that the battry is 0% so it show me a red battry icon after a while it started to turn on and it show sony logo and it was booting up then it just shutdown by it self . i unpluged it and pluged it again and it started to boot and restart by it self it shows sony logo then it turns off and it repeats again and again . i did unplug again and pluged the charger 1 more time and it boot the sony logo first time for 2 seconds then it turns off and it start booting and turning off faster like it doesnt even boot the sony logo for more than 1 second i went to a repair man and asked what is the problem he said its system software , that i need to software repair i said ok i can do this by my self . when i pluged in my phone to pc and used pc companion to software repair it say repairing your Xperia Device then after a while the phone disconnects from pc and it give error saying : 






ok so i have re tried to software repair it worked and it was fine but the phone still not launching it still do the same boot 


One time poster
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Re: Xperia M5 E5603 Gold Not Charging , Booting up.

I have the same issue with mine. Battery went flat but since charging it for hours its now stuck in some sort of boot loop, getting to the logo and then shutting down before starting up again, etc.


I tried the software fix, which said it worked but its still in the same loop. I have removed the SD card also to check its not that and still no luck.


Did you get your issue resolved?

Sony Xperia Support
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Re: Xperia M5 E5603 Gold Not Charging , Booting up.

Hi @Tarquind, I'm very sorry to hear this.


If the software repair didn't help I'm afraid your device is in need of repair. You can contact your Local support team for information on how you can proceed with this.


I'm sorry for the inconvenience this causes.


sony_sign_logo.png - Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

If you're new to our forums make sure that you have read our Discussion guidelines.
If you want to get in touch with the local support team for your country please visit our contact page.

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Re: Xperia M5 E5603 Gold Not Charging , Booting up.



What would be suggestion about 6 months ago i changed battery in sony service center, was asked 198 € for it - and it now has started randomly charging- sometimes picks up charger and lights tun from red - orange - green sometimes, it is just red. sometimes , when phone is off i try charge - it charges with battery logo appearing, sometimes, it just boot-loops?


Any resolve from Sony side - it's definitely related to phone hardware/battery/software which can not co-excist properly (improperly picked device parts).


After last update 30.2.A.2.1 it wount be picking up charger at all. Only Red light. 

Question is i payd to Sony quite amount of money, but whatfor - no oportunity anymore to downgrade phone to where it somehow worked for me. No opportunity even to try lower version 5.1.1 base stock to see IF it works. Sonycenter masters told me there is no way to rollback Sony phones.