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Sony Xperia M5 Charging Issues

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Message 1 of 1

Sony Xperia M5 Charging Issues

I've had my Sony Xperia M5 for just under 2 years. When I first got it, I would be able to play pokemon go on it for 8hours and only drop less than 20% charge. Amazing.

However, a few months ago it began to turn itself off without warning. I would have 50% or higher battery when suddenly it would go off and not come back on for a while. It used to do that once a day at least but that issue has improved slightly recently. If anyone has a solution to that then I'd love to hear it but that isn't my main issue. Edit: This happened again today while I was walking. I was on just under 80% when it went off without warning. When I turned it back on the charge had dropped to 20% (as shown in the first image) What on earth is happening?

xperia 2.png

My problem now is the charge. I noticed it was draining a lot quicker than it used to (about 30% for an hour of playing pokemon go) but put that down to it getting old and overused. However, for the past few nights it has been 100% before I sleep (at around 11pm) and by the time I wake up (at around 7am) is on just over 40%. I checked the battery usage in settings (picture attached) and it says the WiFi took up most of it. I have my WiFi and data off at night and don't understand this.


As well as this it sometimes takes only an hour to charge as it always has. But other times, it takes over 4 hours to charge from 60-90%. An example of this is yesterday when I had it on charge for 1hour and gained 1% battery, then took it off charge and on idle for 15minutes and lost 2% battery!


Has anyone got a fix for this as it's driving me mad?