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Music not playing from SD card

One time poster
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Message 1 of 2

Music not playing from SD card

Okay - before going away on holiday I decided to load up both my Sony Xperia M5 and my Samsung Galaxy Tablet with some music - both on to their respective SD cards which are both Sandisk 64gb. 


I also loaded the exact same music files / albums on both. 


On my Samsung tablet everything plays as it should...


BUT on the Xperia M5 some of the tracks come up with a message "Cannot play song" some of the others I get about 3 seconds of music and then the next track starts sometimes having skipped tracks that cannot play. 


What is frustrating is that these are whole albums that were downloaded or ripped as a whole so I can't understand why some tracks will play properly, some not at all and some a few seconds...


Has anyone experienced anything similar?


I've decided that for a Smart phone the Xperia is on a par with Donald Trump... 


The camera software is flaky and works when it wants to... (Maybe it's "fake news")

Saving pictures to the SD is dangerous as it appears to get corrupted at totally random times (and I've swapped SD cards with other devices and the cards work fine in other hardware) (Obviously the Russians had something to do with this)


Pictures saved on the device randomly get corrupted i.e. You get a second or two of the picture then it just becomes a grey rectangle... (I guess it's Obama's fault)


If it wasn't part of a contract this phone would be binned despite the fact that when the camera works it actually takes great pictures...


Sorry for the rant but has anyone experienced the issues in regards to music tracks?



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Message 2 of 2

Re: Music not playing from SD card

@Erusees I enjoyed reading your thread Slightly smiling Face 


Maybe the issue is related with some 3rd party apps (antivirus, task managers, illegal immigrants) trying to interact with the SD card and provoking issues, can you try restarting your phone in safe mode and checking if you can play music from the SD card?

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