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M4 aqua - worst phone ever

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Message 21 of 25

Re: about xperia m4 aqua dual update version 26.1.B.2.147

Marshmallow update might solve the problem.

Probably sony support dont know about this.
M4 can be tweaked to gain back the performance the initial overheating devices had.
First you will have to root the device.check out xda developers on rooting M4 .
This xda thread will give ways to tweak m4 aqua for better gaming.actually no game will lag.but it will heat badly.
please beware not to make temperatures rise more than 65 celcius.
but the processor is made to withstand even temperatures like 90 celcius.

I really badly wanted to buy the m4 but didnt buy because of the massive amount of problems the device is having.
smile happy
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Re: M4 aqua - worst phone ever

The two I had were both E2306

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Re: M4 aqua - worst phone ever




You have been warned about your posting behavior, you have repeatedly violated the forum guidelines. Your posts have been removed because of that.

"I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not." Kurt Cobain (1967-1994)

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Message 24 of 25

Re: M4 aqua - worst phone ever



 I was in same situation month before. I gave to service, they took 2 months to replace with New Mobile. My replaced mobile is not giving any lags and any of you mentioned problem which I was facing initially.



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Message 25 of 25

Re: M4 aqua - worst phone ever

Incredible how there's people defending this absolute piece of garbage phone in the comments. Never ever get a sony. This piece  is causing problems left and right. Cancer interface and controls disregarding the constant lagging. My  usb has more storage. This is by far the worst phone I've ever purchased a goddamn nokia brick phone has better performance than this obsolete piece of "technology" this phone has been a disgrace for all of sony. It's disgustingly slow speaker stopped working. This phone will get you instant Aids straight from day one.