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Aqua M4 update to marshmallow stops with ToDo-List

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Message 1 of 2

Aqua M4 update to marshmallow stops with ToDo-List

Hello @ All,

since the Sony Forum germany does not include an smartphone part, I want to ask my question here.

I try to update my Sony Aqua M4 to Android Marshmallow.

There is an How-To on the Sony website and I followed all steps. Since i did not found the same problem in Internet, I want to explain here, what differs to the normal standard update routine.

1. Step: Installing the Companion - done

2. Step: trigger the update - done

- Companion starts now the download of the needed files.
- After the download finished the companion tells me, that it is now prepairing the phone for the update and that I have to wait. Within this waiting time it is shutting down the phone, then he goes on to the new window.

Now a List appears with different steps to go on, an this i did not found in any video for trouble shooting, so why do I get this and the rest of the world not?

Here it tells me, that I have to be sure that the phone is not connected to the PC and that I have to shut down the phone (in emergency with the vol+ and the power button pressed the same time till it vibrates three times) But the companion already shut down the phone !!!
Anyway, the next point tells me that I have to wait for 5 seconds and then to connect the phone with the computerm during holding the vol- button pressed. But at this point the phone is still shut down.
In the list is written then, that afterwards doing this I have to wait for the automatical next step.
Nothing happens.

I tried also to connect it with the started up phone, tried other different ways, with shutdown firewall, etc. still no success.
Can you please help me - what is wrong, is there anywhere a fault? What to do?

Thanks in advance an best regards

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Message 2 of 2

Re: Aqua M4 update to marshmallow stops with ToDo-List

The phone may not be shut down. There is a Definitely way to shut down. There is a button next to the MEMORY Card. Press it for five seconds. Now the phone is Definitely shut down . Make sure the cable is unplugged from the computer and the phone. Press the volume down button and connect the phone to the computer with the cable. The companion must certainly follow the steps. You should know that the device does not make mistakes
good luck