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Phone inoperably Slow (Only 2 months of use!) Cant do anything with it

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Message 1 of 1

Phone inoperably Slow (Only 2 months of use!) Cant do anything with it

I used this phone for a couple of months in 2016; mostly for camera, text and phone. Stored it in it's box (no water/physical damage) in my nightstand as an emergency back-up phone, but now it's practically unusable. Too slow to do almost anything!


It can't open large apps without crashing immediately (Instagram, Word Processors, all but the simplest games like Endless Trivia) New podcasts take ~5-10 minutes of refreshing to show. Then playing them, even a google search will cause it to crash. Maps are near impossible to navigate because of the lag time. Old clicks swiped and punches registering and messing everything up. Can't even attach photos to this due to low memory even though nothing but Chrome is running.


I did a factory reset and back-up: nothing. I disabled and uninstalled updates for all bloatware apps; I deleted all but factory apps; I turned off data, bluetooth, location, Nfc-- everything I could think to. When that didn't work I downloaded Evie (a launcher that's supposed to make things faster), a Ram booster, and Greenify (APP to hibernate background apps) I have 2 out of 5Gb space used for apps and nothing else. Also 15Gb SD card with >200Mb used.


The only thing I can think of is, it says I have 880Mb Ram, but always at least 650 is shown as being used in my RAM booster app. When I check how much RAM is being used by apps though it's only around 50Mb. Is there any way to make this phone usable?