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Problem charging brand new Xperia Ear Duo

Message 1 of 4
Message 1 of 4

Problem charging brand new Xperia Ear Duo

Just purchased a pair of Xperia Ear Duo (brand new)


The problem is charging the Main Unit (R).

The Main Unit (L) charges just fine and glows green.


This is the problem description for Main Unit (R), I'll just write (R) for short

Initially the red light would come on and then after a few seconds go out....

After the charging case reached Orange LED, then the light on (R) would go red, stay for about 10 seconds then blink i.e. go out quickly and then back go red... it would stay red for another 7 seconds and then go out.

Taking (R) out of the charging case and putting it back in would most of the time not light up at all, and after a few tries it would be back to the same pattern.


Any and all help is greatly appreciated



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Message 2 of 4

Re: Problem charging brand new Xperia Ear Duo

Is the battery fully depleted in the (R) unit?

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Message 3 of 4

Re: Problem charging brand new Xperia Ear Duo

Yes I would think so.


It doesn't ever blink white.

It has never been charged by me, it's a brand new set but only (L) charges.

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Message 4 of 4

Re: Problem charging brand new Xperia Ear Duo

This happened once where the Right was completely depleated. I couldn't get it charged.


Actually, the simple solution is the leave the Right in there. and take out the L, close the clam and charge it with just one earpiece inside separately. besides together. Oddly a simple and obvious solution.


After a few minutes, I didn't have a problem with them being charged and was able to pair correctly.