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Internal Memory Problems

One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2013-06-10

Internal Memory Problems

I have problems with the internal memory space of the phone. I know it is possible to move applications to the memory card and I move to the card provided all that I can. However, it left often part of the application in the phone memory (I understand this as normal). In addition, some applications can not be moved, including pre-installed (gmail, facebook ...).

The problem arises primarily with application upgrades (I try to keep all apps updated ... in fact is one of the questions that providers always ask to me "do you have the latest version.") When there is a new update of an application, I install it, but sometimes I can't  because "there is not enough storage space", and I can not move any application to the memory card (not for lack of space, because the card is mostly empty, but because none of the remaining offers me this option).

When this happens to me, I uninstall all updates to the application, if it is a pre-installed back to updating, if outsourcing, I have to re-install with the latest updated version. The truth is it's a bit annoying to have to do this every time I get this problem. This not happens everytime, because when I uninstall the updates of one, let me update some other. But as new updates come, the situation is repeated.

All this seems to indicate that when you install an update to an application, it is something occupying phone memory. On a Windows system, you can stay in memory information to uninstall the application and / or updates. This, on a mobile device with such limited memory, does not seem very practical, or at least should be given better (assuming it was this what happens, which I don't know).

On the other hand, applications are always installed in phone memory (much more limited than the memory card), and I need to move it manually to the card -and you know, as I have said, many times this option is not available and application, along with the updates, and more memory it occupies (and I say more memory because if I uninstall the updates and install the latest version, uses less memory).

The interesting thing would be, above all, have the option to choose to install the apps on the phone memory or memory card. I understand that, except for critical applications to boot the operating system of the phone, the others should be able to be installed directly on the Memory Card. If the applications are installed directly on the phone's memory and some can not even be moved (most, like facebook or gmail, I do not consider criticism), my impression is that application developers are not making proper use of the Mobile Device resources, which gives high errors due to lack of space.

I understand that for a user to install applications without control, without basic knowledge and not knowing how to move applications to the memory card, these problems are solved by saying "u need to uninstall things, that your device can't support any more, or manage it properly." For my hand, I try to send the memory card all I can, I have barely a couple of games that do not take long in the memory of the phone (I removed the heaviest because of these problems). The most that I have are the updates of pre-installed applications (and I have the Whatsapp external and little else, with all that I can on the memory card). My problem, as said earlier, comes to applying updates get installed applications ... giving the solution of having to uninstall all bind to apply the new update.

If the solution is that, having to uninstall previous updates before applying the new, it would be logical that this be done automatically when you install the latest version.

I do not know if I have been able to adequately explain or detail the problem. Any doubt about that, tell me by this email.


By the way, I wanted to put an Antivirus, but soon I had to uninstall because of these memory problems and because high consume of many resources (especially battery). But that's another topic that goes beyond that I am explaining.

Sony Xperia Support
Posts: 9,133
Registered: ‎2010-11-12

Re: Internal Memory Problems

I admire your post and that you've described it in detailed but this has already been discussed several times on our forums. So I suggest that you use the search tool to find existing threads. This thread might also be of interest.

Posts: 8
Registered: ‎2014-11-22

Re: Internal Memory Problems

Same problem here, i've tried "the search tool" but there's no such solution until now, or am i blind?! The only solution is to root my xperia e, but that will only create new problem with the widgets, can't find that link too, somebody please explain to me how to fix this 700mb device memory! Is there anyway to merge this partition with internal memory, cause it's frustrating me, or should i just shut this phone? I just bought this phone 3 months ago, but i just stuck with this tiny 700mb device memory! Such a waste of money and time!
One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2015-01-04

Re: Internal Memory Problems

roll eyespartyMy phone keeps on automaticly updating and taking up my space and the store said i should reset my phone because it's only two gb, when my phone was reseted my memory said that i had 400mb and i used up 1.6gb and i reset my phone i thought it was glitch but it wasn't, what do i do, i need a lot of space to do my work and 400mb is'nt enough

One time poster
Posts: 1
Registered: ‎2015-01-30

Re: Internal Memory Problems

thanks a ton for this update on the phones internal memroy. i was just about to buy this phone but back of my mind i was thinking about the low internal memory which is a big put off. further i searched for more articles which highlighted the same issue. thanks for it.