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Doze not working as it should

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Message 1 of 2

Doze not working as it should

I've Xperia C4 running on Android 6.0. I have Doze mode. But still the battery keeps losing 2-3 % after one hour even when idle. I keep the phone idle when sleeping and after 8 hours of sleep when I check the battery loses 20%. I mean this is huge. According to Google and Nexus phones, the battery should lose only 3-4% after a night sleep. I've optimized every app. But Google Play Services and one another service cannot be optimized. Xperia C4 has 2,600 MAH battery and Mom has Galaxy J3 (2016), same battery with Android 5.1.1 but still her battery lasts way longer than mine. 


Not only when idle when I use the phone, the battery keeps draining a lot. Like 3 mins of work and 1 percent gone. But my Mom use for 25 mins and still only 3 pecent gone. Is Doze not working properly. Please help me. I love Sony and bought a Xperia now I want good support please.


Things I have turned on:


Google Photos Backup: Yes

Microsoft OneDrive Auto Photos Backup: Yes

Google voice detection on any screen: Yes

Sony Album always analysing photos for faces: Yes

Storage Consumed: 11.8 GB out of 16 GB

Has SD card: Yes

Brigtness Level: 4 percent

Auto Brightness: No

Usage: Hardly 1.2 hours a day (with 27 min of gameplay)

Location, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, Mobile Data always turned on: No, only when needed.



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Message 2 of 2

Re: Doze not working as it should

Doze is not handled but Sony, it is created by google. so it would be better to ask this question at Google forums. and it isn't fair to compare the battery drain to a different device since each would have different factors affecting it./

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