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Android processor has stopped.

One time poster
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Message 1 of 2

Android processor has stopped.

سلام مدتی. یهو پیام میاد بالای صفحه گوشی که کارت حافظه خارج شده و غیر فعال شده.  و پیام های توقف اندروید. بر روی صفحه گوشی.  پیام میاد.  که "متاسفانه پردازشگر آندروید متوقف شده.  و تا زمانی که گوشی رو خاموش و مجدد روشن نکنم درست نمیشه.  و بعد از یه مقدار دوباره همین پیام ها میاد 

مشکل از کجاست. لطفا راهنمایی کنید 

Hi there for a while. A message pops up on the top of the phone screen when the memory card is removed and disabled. And Android stop messages. On the phone screen. The message comes. "Unfortunately, the Android processor has stopped. And it won't work until I turn the phone off and on again. And it comes back after a while.

where is the problem from. please guide me - GT

Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 2

Re: Android processor has stopped.

Hi @Mhdahz, let me see if I can help hout here! 


I have translated your post to English as this is an International forum, please post any replies in English and it will be easier for me and other users to assist you.


Does this error message appear during a specific kind of use or does it occur randomly? Also, for how long have you been experiencing this behaviour from your phone?


A good thing to try is to reboot your phone in safe mode to see if the error message appears there. All apps downloaded from Play Store is temporarily deactivated while in safe mode and by doing this, you can see if this error message is caused by a downloaded app. For more information on safe mode and how to use it, click here


If the same error message appears in safe mode, I suggest that you try to repair the software using a computer and Xperia Companion. Keep in mind though that a software repair will erase all user data from the phone, so make sure to do a backup of your user data before the repair. 


Try these measures and let me know how it goes!


Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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