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Internal memory problem with xperia c

Message 51 of 195
Message 51 of 195

i cant update xperia c app

every time iam tried to up date my phone said there is insufficient space on the device  by the way i have sd card 32 g

Message 52 of 195
Message 52 of 195

Storage space running out in Xperia C



I am getting the error "storage space running out "where as i have sd card of 16gb and internal storage 1.12gb free of 1.20gb.

I have also set prefered install location as sd card.


when i go to settings --> storage, i can see three parts.. device memory, sd card, internal storage. I have enough memory left in sd card and internal memory. still why the new apps are downloaded to device memory. there are some apps stored in device and not able to move it. 


Please advice.. it is really irritating ti get this error so frequently even if my phone so much memory available.


please help..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One time poster
Message 53 of 195
Message 53 of 195

insufficient storage error while downloading games

I am facing the problem of downloading From playstore

Error "error while downloading insufficient space on the device"

Even I have tried to download small apps This error occurs

Please give me any solution 

Message 54 of 195
Message 54 of 195

Re: insufficient storage error while downloading games

Check your internal storage space and make sure about 250mb space available.


Any pictures or media file, you may want to move it to an SD card if you have one or move it to your computer to make space on your phone.

One time poster
Message 55 of 195
Message 55 of 195

memory problem

I am having in downloading any thing from play store. My preferred location for New installations is sd card with 16 gb of free space, but still I can't download any thing or update any application...
Message 56 of 195
Message 56 of 195

Info about Device Memory


Many of you are still posting the questions like, 'why am i not able to install the apps/games when i have 8gb/16gb SD card'. The 'available free space' in the 'SD card' or the 'Internal Memory' is irrelevant here and the only thing that matters is the free space under 'Device Memory'. And, even this 'Device Memory', one has to refer to Settings->Storage->Device Memory->Available to see the exact free memory available. If you refer to Settings->Apps view, it may show slightly higher value.


As someone pointed out, you need to have this memory of more than 250Mb to download any of the stuffs from play store. 

I do not have any idea, why Sony did this stupid thing and do not understand why they cannot merge 'Device Memory' and 'Internal Memory' even after repeated requests from the end user. For me, this is the single most issue that everyone is facing in an otherwise, decent handset.

One time poster
Message 57 of 195
Message 57 of 195

Install Apps in SD Card

show eror no space

One time poster
Message 58 of 195
Message 58 of 195

Re: Storage space running out problem

Hi everyone,

Its very pathetic to know that customers are suffering.

That speaks of teh difficulties one faces on becoming a slave of technology, we must change our attitude as well.

I was facing the same problem for a number of days.

No suggestions were working.

Finally, I have doscivered a very good way of coming out of this problem

(At one point of time, I was also considering taking a basic non-android phone).


Actually, many a times automatic updates are done for installed applications,

for example, Google, Google Play services, Youtube, etc.

Go to STORAGE - then to APPS.

Go to respective app, and select UNINSTALL UPDATES.

That has worked very nicley from me.

You can try and hopefull it works for oyu.

Take care,

And don't become attached to tech so much, that it becomes a problem.

Good Luck!


One time poster
Message 59 of 195
Message 59 of 195

How to merge between system memory and internal memory ?

I'v Sony Experia C

i'd like extend system memory

One time poster
Message 60 of 195
Message 60 of 195

Re: Internal memory problem with xperia c

Same problem pls help