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Xperia 5 Android 10 (Bug List)

Message 21 of 27
Message 21 of 27

Re: Xperia 5 Android 10 (Bug List)

I have also encountered a couple of bugs. I have made factory reset after installing Android 10.


Model: J9210

CDA: I don't know how to find it, searched the Net unsuccessfully. Is it necessary?

Market: Europe, CZH

Build: 55.1.A.3.49



  • once I switch the screen into Creator Mode, after a couple of seconds the screen starts to turn on and off every 2-3 seconds
  • the only way to fix it is to reboot the phone and quickly open settings and switch the screen into Standard Mode
  • the screen will blink again if you're not fast enough and don't switch the screen to Standard Mode in the first 15-20 seconds after reboot


  • for example I set Stamina Mode to activate once battery level reaches 30%
  • let's say shortly after this I start charging the phone
  • after exceeding 30% threshold Stamina Mode automatically deactivates like it should, BUT it still feels like it is still activated (even without Stamina icon glowing)
  • to fix it you need to quickly tap on the icon to "activate" the mode and then tap again to really deactivate it


  • it reads my finger 99% of the time, but sometimes there is a delay
  • I touch the scanner, nothing happens in about 5 seconds and then phone unlocks


  • there is no way to close the app other than just to swipe up and then press "home" button
  • after you pressed "home" button the app just crashes or screen turns off
  • is it a bug or the app is just not designed properly enough? 

Hope my English is understandable. 

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Message 22 of 27

Re: Xperia 5 Android 10 (Bug List)

Same here, 


A lot of errors when working with the xp. The bugs starting when It update to Android 10

The bugs i have


Google Chrome stops and the page go away, when It is back the screen is  flikkering, It only stops to swipe It away 

Apps hanging/reset like marktplaats 


Camera issue not opening or with delay, and picture taken are not been saved to the Phone 


Touch screen is not good responding when typing a message 


Fingerprint does not works when you touch It, or with some delay the Phone opens


It all comes when i update the Phone to Android 10, software recovery do not help the problems are still there!!! 


Have any one a solution for this problem 


Maybe a downgrade or a New software update 






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Message 23 of 27

Re: Xperia 5 Android 10 (Bug List)


I recognise your problems.

Best way to proceed is a software repair. 

Your problems won't be gone completely but it will be a lot better.

who knows knows
who doesn't doesn't
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Message 24 of 27

Re: Xperia 5 Android 10 (Bug List)

I did a software repair, two weeks ago and the problems are still there.

It is now waiting for a software update, there is no other solution for this problem/problems.



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Message 25 of 27

Re: Xperia 5 Android 10 (Bug List)

Anyone encountered Album app crashing on launch? 

One time poster
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Message 26 of 27

Re: Xperia M4

Sony Xperia M4 

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Message 27 of 27

Re: Xperia 5 Android 10 (Bug List)

  • Looks like the video stutter issue got kind of fixed with 55.1.A.3.112 update with the exception of Netflix HDR content. The video now plays fine on all streaming services but when HDR kicks in it starts stuttering and freezing! Why is this happening!!


  • Battery charging speed from external PD batteries has been improved. Now I am getting an hour and 10 min vs an hour and 45 mins before the update from 15%


  • Home Lancher Navigation still has the same folder animation issue as before!