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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Freezing when opening apps

One time poster
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Freezing when opening apps

My Xperia 5 has this issue where when I open an app the screen goes black. It seemed slow this morning (only had this phone a few weeks) and it got stuck on s restart loop. 

Now everytime I try to look at anything it freezes! 

I can't seem to even reply to texts. Then just now the message about photos not working popped up even though I'm not in photos! Help me before I jam this phone into a shredder!

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Re: Freezing when opening apps

Did you try to reset the phone once?

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Re: Freezing when opening apps

Mine is doing the exact same!

Its driving me mad... It was fine til last week and now it'll barely boot any app without going to a black screen.

I've rebooted multiple times without any result.. 

Would really like some help with this... I can't install anything new because it won't even open new apps at all!

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Re: Freezing when opening apps

@Twaldoand  @Nrdegroot 

It's a good habit and advice from Sony to restart your phone once a week.


When you have serious problems with your phone then there is only one good solution: Software repair with Xperia Companion.

On this forum read Information -> FAQ and/or read information in the Support app.


Backup everything, goto settings-accounts-your google account and sync

To backup messenger apps like Signal or WhatsApp you need to go into the settings of the app.


Charge battery at > 80 % and do the software repair.

After software repair do not restore everything because you can restore trouble.

Just the most needed apps.

Keep your machine lean.


However before performing the software repair, restart in Safe mode.

When the problems are not present in safe mode then there is/are apps misbehaving.


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