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i got the xperia 1 these are my complaints

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Re: i got the xperia 1 these are my complaints

even ui itself looks washed out, the storage icon in the settingsmenu looks darker more muted than on my xz1 with sv mode on

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Re: i got the xperia 1 these are my complaints

Drimiles,  Sony has a STYLE case that will protect the phone better than any and supports side sense.  I got mine for $47 and is in the mail.  I'll follow up once its been in action for a minute.


I haven't read any of the issues that i am having so I will post and see if there are others who are having the same issues.  I'm probably going to return it for another one here REAL QUICK because of the following charging issue:

   I have had the phone for 9 days.   Last night while i was in bed reading and charging the phone began to cycle through charging and not charging with the slightest of movement from the cable. I cannot emphasize "slightest" enough.  This happened a good 8 times before i finally said screw it and unplugged the phone to continue reading without being disturbed by its cycling and notifications.       

  Today i let it die all the way and plugged it in to fully charge it.  Yes, this phone charges like no other I have ever owned or seen before, it absolutely blows my mind with how quickly it does the job.  I was away from it for thirty minutes and when i returned i noticed that the LED was not illuminated as it should be while charging.   I wiggled the phone and got nada.  I then tapped the power button to see where the charge was at and to my surprise it began to power on (so i thought) but was actually just acknowledging that it had been plugged in to charge which it then began doing so.       

       Can we not use the phone while it is charging?  I cant without disturbances.  Do I have to check it once i plug it in to make sure the USB-C is seated correctly 9 days out of the box?  I sure asbetter not have to deal with either of these issues.  Those are the reasons I feel i should exchange it for a new one.


    Here are a few annoyances that I have taken notice to.  Yes, it is very slippery so get a case for it.  Dont buy the $12.99 Tyrain ones from Amazon labeled "smooth" red, blue etc.  They are  for cases becuase they barely cover maybe 60% of the phones edges, besides being equally slippery.   


   While watching videos on FB with the volume at one level, say max, and then a commercial takes place, when it returns to the video the volume is significantly lowered with no ability to return it to a higher level.    No clue if this is Android 9.0, Xperia 1 or FB but it really


   While watching videos on FB in vertical mode the volume will be at one level but when you switch to landscape mode it will again lower to something less than where it had been with no way of returning to the previous volume besides rotating the screen to a vertical position.     WTH?


I got this phone because I love the Xperia line, period.  I didn't get it to play games primarily though the remote PS4 play option was definitely a selling point for me.  I haven't played any games that way just yet though i have played PUBG and Fortnite.  Both have frozen while loading the games.  The phone wont do anything until I manually close the game.   hmpf.   I'll reset the setting to 30fps and see if that helps as I am currently on 60fps.. you know, the ones they bloated about being so awesome.    smh


    While playing PUBG yesterday the navigation bar started poping up and not hiding, preventing me from seeing a portion of the sceen and subsequently screwing with my gameplay because i couldn't access some of the game features.  I had to rotate the phone 180 degrees to get to those functions. When i did so the nav bar just went to the other end of the phone.  It displayed the LOCK symbol, as it should sense thats how i set it up for gameplay.  It had worked flawlessly for the day or so prior when I had played, but not this time.  I couldn't use the NAV bar to save my life so I ended up having to restart the phone.     


   I keep getting texts, reading them and then the Text logo continues to display that I have (x) amount of texts, until i restarted the phone.    


I am with T Mobile and have Visual Voicemail.  I have so far gotten three system notifications that I will have to manually sync my VM.  I haven't gotten any voicemails since installing the app so I cant say whether or not it is functioning properly anyways.   I can say that the system keeps showing me the standard VM notification icon at the top of the phone which is weird since I haven't gotten a single voicemail since installing the app.  I just upgraded from the Xperia Z3 (yes it lasted this long) and on that Android version, 5.02, i was able to overide the stock VM notification when i installed the Visual VM from TMo so that i wasn't getting duplicate notifications.  I have not seen that option on this build.


  It really isnt that brite of a phone while outdoors. I knew that going in so no complaint there.  I love how fast it is and how comfortable in the hand it is.     While sending memes it takes minutes to change from "sending" to "sent"   Yeah, I'm happy that i can send memes finally but with as much joking around that I do a punchline needs to be immediate and not minutes upon minutes later, especially when you are going back in forth in a convo and follow up with texts immediately following a meme only to learn that the recipient has no idea what I'm referencing since the meme hadn't gotten to them just yet.



sooooo,     cool phone with some issues that I can live with that seem like bugs though the USB-C Charging issue is something that nobody should have to deal with ever.  I see that as a hardware problem and for that I will be returning it for another one. 





edit:   I cannot connect to a hidden SSID that i set up for my friends last week.  Every other device being a firestick,  direct tv, cell phones, tablets, rumba have all been able to connect eith ease.  I gave up after two hours and will be calling tech support (does that even exist for a $950 phone?) to have them help me figure out what the heck is going on.    i went into developer mode as a few videos had mentioned doing and made sure that it was on DHCP and that there wasn't a mac filter being used.   The one thing i didn't try was to set it up USING the mac filter because if I turn the mac filter on for my friends router I will then have to add all of thier devices again using the mac filtering, which isn't exactly a problem.  The problem is when they have guests over who want to connect.  My friends aren't tech savy so it would simply be a pain in the you know what for them to do it themselves.        It shouldn't be so hard to connect to a hidden network as i have one at my house and it connected to it just fine.     As a last ditch effort I will have them replace the "rental" router from spectrum with a newer one since thiers is from 04/17.


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I saw a video that all the phones were falling to the floor all the time, this guy must be

My phone has fallen on the floor multiple times - the rear side is so slippy. Looking for a case, but do any of them support Side sense


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Re: i got the xperia 1 these are my complaints

Hi @TDRPro210 ;


Connecting to a hidden SSID in Android Pie is a little diferent, when adding the network tap advanced>hidden network>select "Yes".

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Re: i got the xperia 1 these are my complaints

Thanks for the reply and attempted help.  I noticed that option way at the bottom after clicking advanced and still haven't had any success.  

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Re: i got the xperia 1 these are my complaints

I was disappointed in the sound but after activating the Atmos it was plenty loud.