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Xperia Transfer + unable to transfer data from previous device

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Message 1 of 3

Xperia Transfer + unable to transfer data from previous device

I just discovered I am unable to transfer some of the data from my previous device XZ Premium to Xperia 1! 

Basically for some reason automatic Google backup doesn't want (doesn't see it) to copy the messages data (sms). It is a huge issue for me. I noticed Xperia Transfer Mobile or Xperia Transfer Desktop does not work with Xperia1 ! And Xperia Companion says that for this feature "this device is not compatible".

How is this possible??? 
Sony left it's user with the 1st thing we do after buying new flagship phone? 

Google backup shows messages were backed up on previous device - shows exact time when it was done. On Xperia 1 it shows : "awaiting for creation of backup copy". 

I tried to reinstall Messages app from Google Play but it didn't work. 

Same issue applies for history of my calls.

Any ideas how to fix this issue?  

Please help. 

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Message 2 of 3

Re: Xperia Transfer + unable to transfer data from previous device

No need any more for the Xperia Transfer if you move from an Android to X1.Smiling Face with Sunglasses


The Google Backup takes care of all sms, contacts, record of installed apps, etc.

A backup of Google Photos in addition, and the X1 will have it all.


However, not sure if there could be issues if you try to transfer from an old version/phone.


Best way forward is to make sure that you can make a backup of your XZ Premium via Google Backup.

When all this works, restore the backup on X1. 

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Xperia Transfer + unable to transfer data from previous device

I am upgrading from xzp as well and I was wondering the exact same thing, I wish the Xperia transfer still works.... However, I did transfer all my data when I startup my new X1, it asked if I want to transfer from another (old) device during the initial setup, and I believe I asked Google assistant on my old XZP to set my device up (literally type/say Google, setup my device). Then you will have the option to pick what to transfer, apps will be downloaded from play store, game or any app data are all transferred even they are not linked to Google play. I have all my call history, SMS, contacts that are not even on Google account transferred. 


I am also aware that the internal data transfer option is gone,  it was so helpful on XZP, I can  always see how many pictures and GB I have been using, and by one click all goes into my sd card. It's sad that this is also gone.


Hope this helps.