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Who is excited for the 1?

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Message 11 of 13

Re: Who is excited for the 1?

Yeah ninjabird7. I have also XZ Premium and i have same idea, but XZ Premium will be my first phone for normal life (xperia 1 will be only for special times). Also i thing Z5, XZ Premium and XZ3 were BEST phones from Xperia Family and i really love it soo much - thats the reason. 


I will by this phone only if there will be really brilliant camera from Sony Alpha team. 

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Re: Who is excited for the 1?

As @Marioss commented : "Z5, XZ Premium and XZ3 were BEST phones from Xperia Family"

Completely agree!!

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Re: Who is excited for the 1?

Well first they need to have the proper base that x1 is missing:


1. Best processor - they have

2. At least 8GB of RAM - no

3. Plenty of storage, min 128GB - they have

4. Big 4000mAh battery to power 6.5" screen - no


So only once base is met people are looking into and comparing some unique features like 4K HDR screen or camera quality, stereo speakers may be advantage, design is important too.


For me 21:9 ratio maybe will not be a huge issue, or maybe became a benefit, who knows? But the rumor they plan to cut the rom by half to 64GB in Europe too killed all the hype. Lack of communication and lack of release date / price and unability to preorder it too.


There should be some animations, some marketing videos on upcoming device, its features etc. to keep the hype but anything we have is silence...

Typical to sony, I didn't expect anything better from their marketing division (if there is any).


Hype is killed for sure, now it will be plain calculation and comparison to other manufacturers.