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Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate X: are you joking Sony???

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Message 71 of 76

Re: Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate X: are you joking Sony???

@EUPHORIC wrote:

@pressefr wrote:

One that kinda aggravates me, is that the black bezel border, though they slimed them down for the Xperia 10 Plus; around the sides and chin. However, that black strip left spacing of a bezel is actually not that thin compared to the C5 Ultra and XA2 Ultra.

For me is very strange looks Samsung S10 advertising on Sony Channel TV, why? I can't understand why Sony advertising Samsung's smartphone? Slightly smiling Face


I have Xperia C5 Ultra Dual design for me is good, i love my smartphone, sad that RAM is only 2GB and internal memory only 16GB from which about 10GB available for costumers. That's only deficiency in this model Slightly smiling Face


  • Planned Obsolences
    • I liked the Xperia C5 Ultra Dual also, I use to have one, but bottlenecked at 16GB. Which is too planned obsolescence for my taste.
    • Only meeting the minimum required specs, besides pushing the envelope.
    • Having old phones floating in the market for many years is a good strategy, that is how PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4 were able to still be around.
  • Flood the market
    • The strategy of flood the market strategy to capture the new user with a broken overpriced iPhone window has passed since Chinese manufacture phones are at a plethora.
    • Now they are on a 6-month mobile cycle, CEO of Sony, Kaz Hirai strategy came too late in the game to capture the new users.

@EUPHORIC wrote:

@pressefr wrote:

I've been a fan of Sony's for a long time and I loved when they made the Sony Xperia Z Ultra. They even made a Google Edition for developers to build their UI on a 6.4 inch screen. This was supposed to be the Samsung Note killer. The only thing that was missing from that phone was a rear flash. At the time it was a phablet, some people weren't ready (4.5 inch iPhone users), but I think a lot or us were already ready. The next Generation after the Xperia Z Ultra was disappointing each and every time. They did not make a successor, as they just made mid-rangers; fumbling through the market. When all they needed to do was, add a Flash, and just chisel it down the bezels.

What i'm talking about too. Samsung, even Huawei doing something new, unbelievable... Sony stuck on the same video update, music update and... Where is innovation? News? Something really wow? Slightly smiling Face

I think Sony does have innovative ideas; when it comes to execution and advertisings is okay... but the horrific thing is when they lobotomize their own apps. I think they forget what their key features are and which are considered a "legacy features" -vs- "trend wave." Sometimes they create something because of a trend. A larger chuck is innovation.




Animation photo = Motion Shot

Most of these camera tricks were just a trend.

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Message 72 of 76

Re: Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate X: are you joking Sony???

I as a user want to buy best possible device at the time I am purchasing it. 


One of the reason is I noticed I am buying the phone less frequently. Years ago I was buying new phone every year. Now it is every 2 years. So I want to buy future proof phone even if it is a bit more expensive. 


Do I want 8GB of RAM? Yes I do. 

Do I want 128GB or more ROM? Yes I do. 

Do I want 4000mAh+ mattery? Yes I do. 

Do I want headphone jack and FM Radio/DAB+? Yes I do.

Do I want a pjone with best screen and camera? Yes I do. 


Can I pay more for all those features? 

Yes I do. 


Does sony offering such a device? No, competition? Also no, but currently competition is covering more from above list than sony is. Hence awaiting what x1 will show to decide. 


Simple as is. 

And maybe in june when x1 will finally after all this delay appear, p30 pro will be cheaper. 


I think mobile division is currently followin exactly same steps as vaio did:


Offering underspecced products that are overpriced, hence no sales. Plus no marketing and japanese stubbornity on "we know better what people want, we don't have to listen to them." This is why they are where they are now. 


So why shamesung or hujawei is selling so well? Because they listen to clients and know what people want. 


Can't sony include 8GB of RAM, jack or 4000mAh battery into x1? Of course they can, is there any physical reason not alowing them to do so? All other companies can, so soby can as well. 


The problem is song doesn't want to. 

So fans doesn't want to buy sony. 

And circle closes. 




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Message 73 of 76

Re: Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate X: are you joking Sony???

Sure. Sony now making same mistakes like nokia before.

Message 74 of 76
Message 74 of 76

Re: Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate X: are you joking Sony???

The real fight we're trying to win is against the Apple iPhone. Will this phone be competitive enough, enough storage, innovative, more flexibility of use, not slow down and etc? 

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Message 75 of 76

Re: Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate X: are you joking Sony???

Ho. ly mouly... this is really long article Grinning Face Great job guys Grinning Face

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Message 76 of 76

Re: Sony Xperia 1 vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Huawei Mate X: are you joking Sony???

With Huawei out of the picture with recent news. However selling to US market in phones will be a blip. As Chinese manufactures present in Paris now and days.


Sony is changing their strategy in four markets.


With a lot of press pokes fun of Sony not profiting in their mobile division. However, in business world writing-off business losses is not a big deal to out weigh other profits.


The new N+1 Pro looks interesting.


I do want Sony continue especially they got power+finger-print sensor back. If Sony keeps Self implode apps and silo devisions like Xperia Actions... I just don't know. I'm constantly reminded how much I miss simple apps I use tobuse everyday when I lay down in bed and my screen flips unexpectedly.


I recieve text and calls while gaming... Sure I Xperia 1 gets the gaming experience app, but shouldn't it be across the board with all their phones to in-line with the Playstation devision.


Us customers are at the will of Sony,when, as an Android device itself should be flexible. Have Xperia Actions an open app to give away to any Android, including off PlayStore apks to China. Like Walkman as a lot of people want it cause they moved off from Sony. Might as well have them want more. Figure how to consolidate a camera app while at it; with small app add-ons.


I keep going back at it, but Xperia Apps was the single most useful app out of Sony.


Sony makes glimpses of other apps like Smart Connect, would just action to open your music when you plug a head jack, with less head jacks on devices, it becomes less important.


When Sony made Xperia TimeScape which included a comprehensive Contacts app with merging with Social Media. I've only see HTC make a just a good version. Right now, no ohone manufacture has up the level of the contacts app besides Google Hangouts.


Whats left of being uniquely Sony is Live Wallpaper, but they somehow still f* it up. Deleting all their Live Wallpapers, no Library to download past live wallpapers, no accumulation live wallpaper method, no upload your own Live Wallpapers, only per phone generation with one con-currently live wallpaper is only available.


Currently I use Alpha Clock by Sony, which is uniquely Sony. A half live wallpaper changes of UNESCO Locations with the day.


Sony has yet position themselves to release a 5G ready device too.


Sony a few things I want their phones

  • Best specs 256GB/16RAM
  • G-Bit C-type adaptability
  • Contacts app to be like Google Hangouts, and merger system like HTC but intead of HTML backup use URL fields
  • Xperia Actions intangent/complement with Side Sense app
  • Gaming L and R bumper solution, air hole, or Side Sense
  • Live Wallpaper to download previous wallpapers list and upload own
  • Mini mirror from Small Apps to come back as a quick setting icon
  • Along with quick icon Data 🌐, LTE 📊, include LTE🤙, LTE call, is suppose to turn off incoming band calls but not Data, but it does the reverse which is redundant when there is a Data widget. I guessing it turns off LTE but H+ data is still there *shrugg* completely un necessary. 
  • Internal Calculator to have a widget and float
  • Camera software to not crash and reduancies to make sure the camera opens on comand. Especially when the SDCard is set, and can't flread SD Card, still take the picture in internal, besides have a pop-up that stops you, just keep going cause that photo you're trying to take passes by