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Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

One time poster
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Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

Hello everyone,,

In my opinion, Sony has finally nailed it. They were finally able to right the wrongs. They brought back the best fingerprint scanner, the display is the best one can get on ANY device right now, all the cameras are meant to do useful stuff rather than doing Monochromatic voodoo, they are using OIS for 2 of the sensors (not sure why the didn't use it for Wide angle one), The stereo setup still exists, the bezels are minuscule and the size is native to the content, and also it gives an edge in games like Fortnite and PUBG(only Fortnite support it for now but yea it's ok, on-screen controls will be less distracting. Sony should really leverage the idea of selling it as a "GAMING PHONE").

The argument that S10 exists so why should I care is naive and in my opinion invalid BUT even if we consider that yea S10 IS THE BEST... There are a lot of people who prefer everything else over Samsung, and a huge group of those support Pixel, Even if we consider S10 cannot be one-upped, Sony Xperia 1 is the BEST phone to replace Pixel.

(that Inscreen gimmick scanner in S10 is such a show)

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Re: Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

Well, I don't.

I believed Sony finally understood what's important when they released the XZ3. I like this phone and I think it's still one of the best phones around.

The problem with the XZ3 is only the lacking camera (no OIS makes for bad HDR and video performance), the small battery and the large bezels that make it a large phone.


Instead of improving the XZ3 with a bigger battery, a better camera and smaller bezels they build an Xperia 1 with an idiotic screen ratio which makes the phone even larger, a power-hungry 4K screen with the same small battery as the XZ3 and they even "forgot" the wireless charging which is one of the most important features in a modern flagship phone.


If the X1 would have at least wireless charging and a battery adequate for the phone size (4100-4500mAh) I would try to arrange myself with the stupid screen ratio. But as it is the XZ3 is a better choice.

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Re: Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

The only reason I will buy it is the Alpha inspired video filming, the coolness factor and the size of the screen and the faster Snapdragon...

There are definitely some minus points over my XZ3, like a noticably lower screen brightness (I tried the X1 in store) and lack of Qi charging being the most obvious ones.


I'm already used to the bad battery on the XZ3, I always carry a powerbank with me, otherwise I wouldn't be able to use it at all... 

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Re: Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

I do not feel content about X1 but still will be buying it since I do not want sony mobile to die Slightly smiling Face 
I will buy X1 and hope for X1 Premium in the future. 

1. Camera is not best, best is P30 Pro with its largest sensor, 5x Optical zoom (10x hybrid) and new RYB system instead of RGB that captures more light. 
2. Battery life is a downside. They put same battery capacity of XZ3 to much bigger screen at higher resolution. Even XZ3 battery life was consider as not good and now it will be rather worse Slightly frowning Face
3. Only 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM is level of budget Shamesung Galaxy S10e, where standard and + versions have 8GB of RAM and options for more ROM. 
4. No headphone jack 
5. No FM Radio 
6. As already mentioned screen brightness seem to be lower than XZ3 or Shamesung S9. 
7. Price and still unknown release date...

But on the other side there are also some good points like: 
1. Best processor
2. Glass back (however Gorilla Glass 6 scratches easily)
3. There are still some bezels (I am not a fan of totally bezelless devices) and almost same size (asimetric bezels of of X10 and 10+ looks very bad in my opinion and I would never buy sich a device of totally asimetric bezels)
4. Still camera is not best in Android world but should be better than in previous xperias
5. Fingerprint sensor is back on a side, much better than on the back
6. There is dedicated camera button I like 


Final reviews we will see closer to the release date. It's kinda odd there are no any reviews on Internet / youtube yet. I wonder what they will be adding. 3 years warrany maybe? VIP support? Playstation4? Or anything else? 

Can't wait for X1 and also recommend you to buy it to support thee company so that they can produce better products in the future Slightly smiling Face    


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Re: Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

NO wireless charging!!

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Re: Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

They are offering it in the UK with 1000XM3 headphones (the one I got) and in June it will come with PS4 Spiderman bundle.

I already have the 1000XM3 and PS4 Pro, so I will sell it anyway...


There will be no major reviews of this phone because Sony doesn't believe in marketing. They don't think promoting their products can lead to greater sales, instead they want to keep it a secret, they're trying really hard not to release any information or promote it...


Maybe they don't really want sales actually, they just want to be around to play with mobile tech... The X1 uses a Samsung screen and Samsung cameras... Their JDI used to be advancing fast in OLED tech, not sure what happened there... They might just look at this phone as a prototype device they can play around with and are not really looking to sell. 

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Re: Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

I agree it is strange there are no any reviews in major portals yet. 

When it comes to the cameras main module is made by Sony. Besides I do not care manufacturer of the component that much as long as it delivers high quality. Sure it could be better for sony to use as much of their components as they can to reduce the cost, but maybe at this time they didn't have yet mobile wide ange and telephoto lenses? I future it can change. BTW recent news are stating those additional modules are ZEISS and maybe not shamesung.  

When it comes to the screen this time it is shamesung but with a lot of engineering and software support (bravia etc.) from sony which makes it really top quality on the market. JDI is not "theirs", sony has some shares i n this company but really low %, last years they were even selling most of those shares to reduce loss of sony mobile. I am pretty sure JDI is working on advanced displays and in the future we can see some of their products in Xperia smartphones. 

Overall I think X1 is a step in the right direction. 
If it will get enough support from fans (sales) this will allow them to prepare even better device for ou needs. 

For the moment I encourage everyone to buy it. 
However, it would be nice to finally see some detail reviews of the device that is just around the corner. It will help to increase interest and boost the sales. 

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Re: Do you feel content with what Sony did with Xperia 1?

Zeiss is not the brand of the sensor, but of the optical elements. And at this point it's just a brand, not an actual company. Sensors are still Samsung, which is whatever, software is what matters the most. What's really alienating and disrespectful is Sony not wanting to disclose it.

But again, whatever, they're doing their best not to sell the phone. At this point I wouldn't be surprised to see a Sony ad saying how great the One Plus or the S10 is.