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Can Admin/Moderators collect our questions and get back with answers ?

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Message 1 of 3

Can Admin/Moderators collect our questions and get back with answers ?

I seriously can't believe what's happening to the brand....


A multinational company that has no proper support, no feedback on social media, no release note in firmware updates ( if they ever come ) and NO INTERACTION WITH ITS CUSTOMERS ( whatever is left of its loyal clients ). 


Can we for God's sake, and I really beg the admins or mods, collect all the issues, bugs and questions we have, escalate them and get A PROPER ANSWER TO EACH AND EVERY POINT from Sony team ? 


Can we try it for once ? I UNDERSTAND that this forum is not really hosted by Sony itself ( whatever that means ) BUT THIS IS THE ONLY XPERIA SUPPORT FORUM. 


Don't you see? for each and every issue we have, no one has an answer except for very basic, trivial things.  Users are interacting with each other, trying to solve their issues and find answers to their questions by themselve. 

The least amount of respect I expect from a mobile phone vendor who made me pay 999 EUR for device is PROPER SUPPORT. I mean look at other vendors like Huawei, Samsung and Apple... When there's something wrong ( cam, software, scerens or even a  battery)  THEY ACKNOWLEDGE IT and try their best to solve it. THEY UPDATE THEIR CUSTOMERS AT LEAST ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 


And please don't tell me to call the support numbers as the " Agent " doesn't even have a clue about anything in the pipeline. They do offer the basic support needed for the average-joe. 


Again, can someone in contact with SONY team, answer all our questions ?  


Afterall, maybe they think the camera software is fantastic, the volume bug is OK, the app crashes aren't a big deal, the cam aspect ratio is meant to be that way, the 4k stabilization isn't worth implemeting, the fingerprint scanner is beyond expectations... Who knows... Maybe they really believe the phone is bug free and the dev team went for a vacation trip.... 

We need to know what's coming so we can decide if we keep the device or ditch it. 


Again, PLEASE.

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Message 2 of 3

Re: Can Admin/Moderators collect our questions and get back with answers ?

Many xperia1 user start to lose patience,I will wait for an update, and if there is no obvious improvement, I will refunds.Especially this fingerprint recognition

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Message 3 of 3

Re: Can Admin/Moderators collect our questions and get back with answers ?


Hello there!

What you're asking for is already happening in the background: the moderators' team do collect issues/questions/feedback and escalate them to the official Sony staff members, who will investigate those escalations and may further escalate them to higher ranks.


Once there is an official response, they will reply with it on the corresponding thread. Sometimes the response will take some time especially if the solution requires a software update (must pass through devs and testing). We understand that it can be frustrating to wait for such a response but rest assured that any concern raised by enthusiastic users like you will definitely reach out to Sony.


Feel free to kudo this post or mark it as solution so that other users facing the same issue can find it

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