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Camera problem

One time poster
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Message 1 of 2

Camera problem

Камера не способна на стабильную работу. Постоянно вылетает, фотографии не записывает, очень долго думает. Такое происходит не всегда. Я, например, хочу запечатлеть какой-нибудь редкий кадр, запускаю камеру кнопкой специальной, камера запускается, я делаю снимок и... Фотография, вроде бы записалась, видна миниатюра. Делаю ещё один кадр - история такая же. Но сделав третий кадр - камера зависает. Каждый снимок в среднем делается через 2-3 секунды. В галерее фотографий нет. После  перезагрузки телефона проблема исчезает, но при тех же условиях - всё начинается заново. Примерно такая же история и со вспышкой, только тут после каждого кадра можно ждать около 15 секунд и фотографии также могут не сохраниться. И это телефон за 80 тысяч рублей в рознице.Я люблю компанию SONY, телефон, в целом, прекрасный и качество фотографий/видео тоже, но то, что происходит, описанное мною выше - это просто ужасно. Телефоном пользуюсь 4 месяца и на протяжении всего срока были такие проблемы.

Регулярно перезагружаю, особо не нагружаю, стороннего ПО нет. С только купленным телефоном было абсолютно тоже самое.

Прошу Вас разобраться с выше описанной проблемой.

Заранее, спасибо.

The camera is not capable of stable operation. Constantly flies, does not record photos, thinks for a very long time. This does not always happen. For example, I want to capture some rare shot, I launch the camera with a special button, the camera starts, I take a picture and ... The photo seems to be recorded, a thumbnail is visible. I’m taking another shot - the story is the same. But having made the third frame, the camera freezes. Each shot is taken on average after 2-3 seconds. There are no photos in the gallery. After rebooting the phone, the problem disappears, but under the same conditions, everything starts anew. About the same story with the flash, only here after each frame you can wait about 15 seconds and photos may also not be saved. And this is a phone for 80 thousand rubles in retail.

I love SONY, the phone, in general, is wonderful and the quality of the photos / videos, too, but what happens, as I described above, is just awful. I have been using the phone for 4 months and there have been such problems throughout the entire term.

I regularly restart, do not particularly load, there is no third-party software. With just a purchased phone, it was absolutely the same.

I ask you to deal with the above problem.

Thanks in advance.


Sony Xperia Support
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Message 2 of 2

Re: Camera problem

Hi @STARCEVD, let me see if I can help out here. 


I have translated your question to English as this is an International forum, please post any replies in English and it will be easier for me and other users to assist you.


Have you tried clearing the data for the camera app? This will not erase any previously taken photos or videos, but it will reset all settings for the camera app which might do the trick. In order to do this, find and tap Settings > Apps & notifications > Show all XX apps > Camera > Storage > Clear data > Restart the phone.


Another thing that you can try is to reboot your phone in safe mode to see if the camera works better there. All apps downloaded from Play Store is temporarily deactivated while in safe mode and by doing this, you can see if this behaviour is caused by a downloaded app. For more information on safe mode and how to use it, click here


Try these measures to begin with and feel free to keep me posted with the results! 

Official Sony Xperia Support Staff

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