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Tips & Tricks

If you want to get the max out of your Xperia phone then check out Xperia tips page.

Xperia XZ Premium problem solving & tips

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Message 1 of 1

Xperia XZ Premium problem solving & tips

It is never fun to experience unexpected behaviour with one's device, here's a good guide in order to get you started in resolving the case at hand!

Where to look first

Xperia Tips

Personalise your device

Global user based support forum, or my local support?

In order to be assisted with further troubleshooting, there are a few pointers which will help you receive help. For example, does your case concern something which is local to you? Since this is a Global user based support forum, the forum boards are best suited for assisting you with global questions - something which isn't specific only to you and your market.

Examples of local cases would be questions regarding a repair service, warranty terms, consumer laws, local campaigns and so forth. These types of questions are best suited for your Local support, as they are always well informed in regards to questions which concern your local market

If your case is not local, there are still a few steps which you may perform yourself prior to participating in a discussion on the forum. For example, do you suspect that a recently downloaded app could be the cause of the behaviour which you are experiencing? If so, then you may try rebooting your device in safe mode in order to see if a third party app could be to blame - as they are disabled while in safe mode (they are reenabled upon a normal reboot).Here's a video guide on how to reboot to safe mode, posted on our official Xperia Support Youtube ch....

If you suspect that the behaviour which you are experiencing may be due to the software, for example if the device is unresponsive, then you may try performing a software repair using Xperia Companion. However, please note that a software repair deletes all your local data and reinstalls completely new and fresh software, and thus you should make sure that you have made a backup using Xperia Companion prior to performing the repair and that the battery is charged to at least 80%.. Here's a video guide on performing a software repair.


Participating in discussions and being assisted on our Forum!

Up until now we have covered some general troubleshooting, but what if you experience something specific which you would like to discuss- or be assisted with? Prior to engaging in a thread or starting a new topic, you may try searching our Forum boards for any existing threads and discussions. As the Forum is Global and user based, chances are there already exists a topic for what you are about to ask - and many threads have solutions which will save you time. You may find the search feature by clicking here.

If you are unable to find a thread related to your concern, then it may be time to create a thread of your own! In order to make it easier for other users, moderators and Support staff to assist you, please do your best in order to describe what you are experiencing in as much detail as possible. It is not required by any means, but it may be good to ensure that the following criteria are mentioned in your post:

- Device model (usually found under Settings > About phone)
- Android version (usually found under Settings > About phone)
- What your concern is
- If applicable, step-by-step on how to replicate the behaviour
- What have you already tried in order to troubleshoot the behaviour?

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