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Very bad battery life xz1

Message 11 of 13
Message 11 of 13

Re: Very bad battery life xz1


When STAMINA is OFF yes, the battery seems too small, but if We can sacrifiece "better videos and sharper photos" We can put phone to constant STAMINA mode, like Z2 and Z3 had.. Ok maybe We can't use the Xperias as portable game centres, but if We don't play a lot, just occasionly I can assure, it works longer than most phones on market. Compared lately in work with HTC One M9, and Galaxy S7 edge, standby time with few games we had..,mostly chess on-line, 4G (due to similar battery packs and screen sizes, I'm not going to fight against Xiaomi MI Plus with 4000mAh accu, cause it's tottaly different class with 5,9" screen).
4 hours of play:
-One M9 (64%, standard mode)
-S7 Edge (59%)
-XZ1 (62%, STAMINA ON)

I would say... not bad.




Honestly I am still shocked by Sony's decision to put a mere 2700mAh battery in the XZ1, if it was about 3000+, I am sure the battery life will far exceed many.

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Message 12 of 13

Re: Very bad battery life xz1

The weird thing is that battery life is not constant, and sometimes We don't use phone it will go for 10 hours on standby, next day with games and whatsapp it will standby for 16 hours, so... the more I use it it works longer? Don't have a clue here.. In all situations I use it normally, Wi-Fi is OFF, GPS ON, No apps in background, processess kiilled with Avast Pro. On one night it will drain 28% of accu from 22:30 to 7:00 without doing completly anything, next night just 8% with some minor updates installed when we sleep (messenger, google services, accu weather etc..).
That phone is a mystery to me.

>> Xperia XZ1 user, help-ful with knowledge he has;>>
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Message 13 of 13

Re: Very bad battery life xz1

"The battery seems too small, but if We can sacrifiece "better videos and sharper photos" - If this is the accepted standard of using high-end Sony Xperia phones then what's the purpose of buying these? I buy Sony phones because I enjoy good pictures and videos. When functions that use to define quality phones are limited, then just buy a basic phone for text messaging and calls. Me, XZ1 will be my last Sony phone. There are better alternatives out there at a cheaper price.