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Notification light was causing missed calls and messages.

Message 1 of 1
Message 1 of 1

Notification light was causing missed calls and messages.

There have been a few posts about the notification light not blinking when a message arrives or a phone call missed. I experienced the same issues recently and was at the end of my tether, as it worked fine before.

Through messing around with settings I have solved the problem on my XZ1 Compact, and I hope it will help others too. I am no tech expert, so please accept my apologies for my basic explaination;


Firstly go to "Settings"

Select "Apps & notifications"

Select "See all 60* apps"     * Or however many apps you have installed.

Tap right hand corner menu at the top, 3 vertical dots.

Select "Reset app preferences"

Reset Apps

Reboot / Restart phone.

Once restarted you may be prompted to update apps ( 18 in my case )


I did this and my notification light worked for missed calls and Whatsapp messages received. Emails sent using GMail however, still were missed as no notification light blinked. The fix I found for this was;


Go into GMail

Tap menu on left side ( 3 horizontal lines )

Select "Settings"

Tap on your email address ( under general settings )

Select " Manage notifications"

Make sure " Show notifications " is switched on ( Lit up blue )

Select " Behaviour" then select "Make a sound"

Select " Advanced "

Select "Blink light" and "Show notification dot", also "Vibrate" if you want.


After completing all of the above, my notification light blinks when I have a missed call, Whatsapp or email message. I really hope this will work for other forum users, as I came close to getting another phone because of this issue. Now I can return to enjoying my XZ1 Compact, and know I will not miss future notifications!